Best Foods and supplements to enhance kratom effects

  1. Best Foods and supplements to enhance kratom effects

    Kratom Potentiators

    Potentiators offers a couple of benefits in Kratom consumption. One of these is that it can decrease the amount of Kratom intake to have a more potent effect. It also increases the duration of Kratom effects. Moreover, it also enables a much quicker time needed for Kratom effects to kick in, and it also lessens possible Kratom tolerance that may develop over time.

    Foods to Enhance Kratom Potency

    Tea– The Chamomile or Green Tea are one of the best options as it can mask the bitterness of Kratom extract and can also enhance Kratom’s natural calming benefits.

    Some users who mix Green Tea, Chamomile or passionflower with Red Vein Kratom strains also report of achieving a more pronounced calming effects from Kratom. Others also choose to mix White or Green Vein Kratom with Yerba Mate Tea to achieve the energizing effect.

    Turmeric– Turmeric, which is the main ingredient in making a curry and is part the ginger family, is also proven to be an effective partner for Kratom. It can enhance the duration of effects from alkaloids found in Kratom.

    Grapefruit– Most users prefer to consume Grapefruit juice after each Kratom intake. However, little they did know, the Grapefruit is also an effective agent to help potentiate Kratom by increasing the duration of its benefits, similar to Turmeric.

    Watercress– Watercress is an aquatic botanical plant that is also proven to be an efficient agent in maximizing Kratom effects by its naturally formed minerals that can maintain synergy with Mitragynine.

    Supplements to Enhance Kratom Potency

    Valerian Root– This particular portion of the perennial flowering plant is already said to be effective in curing insomnia, which is why its famous partnership with Kratom (also considered to promote better sleep) is rather understandable among users. Kratom and Valerian Root, together, develop a more soothing, relaxing effect and better sleep habits.

    Caffeine– Kratom, the plant itself, is part of the coffee family. Hence, consumption of Kratom together with caffeine is proven beneficial for increased energy, alertness and focus.

    Cat’s Claw– This woody vine found in South and Central America, which is scientifically known as Uncaria Tomentosa, also contains alkaloids that can synergize with the alkaloids found in Kratom that can increase the duration of its effects

    Drugs That Increases Kratom Potency

    There are also drugs available that potentiate Kratom effects. Mostly, these drugs inhibit in the metabolism of Kratom in the digestive system, most especially the liver. However, it should be noted that these drugs could be dangerous as these mostly interact with the liver’s Microsomal Enzyme System – specifically the CYP2D6 and CYP3A4.

    Its chemical relationship forged between the body’s digestive system can cause tolerance and may have adverse effects if the Kratom intake is of a higher dosage or beyond the recommended amount. Among these drugs are the following:

    Acetaminophen– Increases the analgesic, pain-relieving effects of Kratom

    Diphenhydramine– Enhances Kratom’s sedative effects

    Tianeptine– Enhances the euphoric effects found in consuming Kratom

    Agmatine– Also known as Guanidine, aids in Kratom’s ability to treat opiate addiction

    As highly advised, it is best to steer away from these drugs when taking Kratom as there may be adverse effects and high risks associated with its usage.
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