Private Reserve Bali Review

  1. Private Reserve Bali Review

    Last night I used the Private Reserve Bali

    8g mixed with some aminos after training.

    I was expecting a little bit milder effect then Red Vein Thai and that's how it performed.

    I noticed it took the Bali a little longer to kick in, say about an hour, but the effects were smoother and lasted longer (6 hours or so) then the Red Vein for me. I noticed a slow and steady onset of relaxation and "numbness". I didn't get the foggy headed effects that Red Thai gives me and actually had some mood enhancing traits to it as well.

    I was very relaxed and calm while at the same time happy and care-free.

    This strain seems like it could serve a multi-faceted purpose. Late afternoon/night relaxation and even during the day for calmness and some mood elevation. All around great strain here.
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  2. Round 2 - Fight!
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  3. Last night - 8g Private Reserve Bali

    I took the dose last night 2 hours removed from my last meal so basically an empty stomach. I don't get the nausea when dosing on an empty stomach so thats not really a concern for me. That being said the Bali hit much faster with no food in me. I think within 30-40 minutes compared to an hour the night before. I had a much stronger sense of relaxation. Mood elevation was high and I played board games with the wife and kid and didn't get frustrated like I normally do. My kids cant concentrate for more then 3 minutes at a time and, it gets tiresome trying to do something with them lol. Or I lose....then I get grumpy haha. Very smooth and steady but the onset happened quicker. It hung around a good 4-5 hours and I slept like a rock. Actually slept so well I woke up on my right arm and it was probably more asleep then it has ever been before. Took a good 3 minutes to get it moving but, I didn't wake during sleep due to that. Was refreshed and very clear headed. Unlike some OTC's that contain GABA and Pehnibut that give me a pretty crappy feeling the next morning, no such happenings with Kratom in my expereince.
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  4. sub'd

    Just got home and found a nice little package waiting for me Gonna get my log up and running ASAP

  5. Last night I mixed 4g Bali and 3g Yellow Vietnam.

    Red Vein Thai it's normally my evening kratom if choice but, I had some shopping to do and a crowded store is my biggest hate in the world.

    This combo worked perfectly for the situation. The Bali relaxed me quite a bit and gave a little ease on mood while the Yellow got me in a happy mindframe.

    I was shopping with my wife and despite the fact we were buying maxi pads for our 11 year old ( isn't it?) I wasn't awkward or anything. Very chill and laughing and joking the whole time.

    Great mix for those awkward moments in life you must encounter lol.v
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  6. Just got my Bali. Do you recommend a starting dose of 4g?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by dcne02 View Post
    Just got my Bali. Do you recommend a starting dose of 4g?
    Yes sir, let us know how it goes brother.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by heavyiron View Post
    Yes sir, let us know how it goes brother.
    Thanks, looking forward to it!

  9. Downed 4g Bali and 4g yellow.

    Really relaxed and having an amazing sense of well being. Much needed after the events of today.
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