Depression and Low Free T

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  1. FOG, I would have suggested Welbutrin first over the other stronger SNRI's. I think it's also prescribed more for people with temporary depression. I think the other drugs are more for people with long term needs, but also Welbutrin is a great choice for one who wants low sides. In more cases than not, I think it even has a positive effect on libido and lower cases of somnolence.

    Also, people taking supplements when taking anti-depressants really need to be careful. There can be a problem with having too much seratonin...taking things like 5-HTP or tryptophan alongside these drugs can be dangerous. A lot of supplements out there can have an effect on neurotransmitters and when coupled with these drugs, can cause serious interactions.

  2. I agree with all of you guys with a lot of key points made here. I really think that some people do need medicine to correct certain chemical imbalances. Indeed.

    Why is the system of correction merely 'trial and error'? Psychiatrists don't know what chemicals need to be corrected and don't even know much about the patient before being so apt to start writing that script.

    If one doesn't work, let's up the dose... if that doesn't work, let's switch over to a different one... if that doesn't work we'll up the dose of that... if that doesn't work, maybe we'll try another class of meds... oh great, this works but it causes insomnia... let's have you try taking the dose before bed and here's a script for seroquil for your newly found insomnia... oh you don't wake up rested? let's get you off seroquil and onto ambien CR...

    WHEN does it end?????????

    Certain medicines are great. YES... we can all agree on that. There are some that have NOT been tested enough and are NOT safe that are out there that shouldn't be. My mother had a doctor prescribe Effexor for her fibromyalgia pain and depression and said it's fine to get off of it when she wants. She tapered off for over half a year and it was half a year of non-stop ER visits and idiot doctors telling her that the scans and tests show nothing, therefore it is nothing... but here's some pain meds in the meantime.

    I can't even get into a rehab for discontinuation syndrome, because every doctor is in denial that there is such a thing. Everyone seems so quick to diagnose me over the phone and say, "it's clear that Cymbalta isn't helping with your depression and let's try switching you to another med." I have to make up some other story just to get insurance to cover me for rehab.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  3. In case anyone is interested in my story: I tried weening off effexor with great difficulty. I went down to the smallest dose possible and then finally came off it completely. I got all the same symptoms ppl complain about, brain zaps, feeling of distortion, etc etc..

    I read some support forums and read someone posting about doing a 2-week herbal cleanse. I tried it and it seemed to really help. My withdrawl symptoms were all gone within 2 weeks. I think it definately sped up the process.

  4. Gutterpump, can you enlighten me with what herbal cleanse you used and how you weened off the medicine concurrently with the cleanse? What exactly did you do? Thanks Gutterpump.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Force of Green View Post
    Gutterpump, can you enlighten me with what herbal cleanse you used and how you weened off the medicine concurrently with the cleanse? What exactly did you do? Thanks Gutterpump.
    Hi, sorry I can't remember which one I took, but it was one of those whole body cleanse kits that you can pick up at GNC, etc. Cleanses all your major systems and you have to change your diet while on it to a very clean very pure / whole foods diet. No sugar, nothing processed, and other limitations.

    I think I had quit the effexor a week prior to starting, and the symptoms ended shortly after the cleanse (I think) or maybe during the cleanse. I just stuck it out and stayed in my house when I was not at work and let it ride it's course. It's basically traces of the drug leaving the system (from what I've heard) and it's completely counter-productive to fall back into taking a tiny dose here n there to ease the issues.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by zadok View Post

    I have posted quite a bit over at Meso. However, cant post there anymore as I live in Dubai and the govenrment blocks that website now :-(.

    Anyway for the past 3 years I have seen about 10-15 different endos and urologists. I had no libido, brain fog, irritability, no focus, felt down quite a bit. My blood work was all normal (I could post it all, but there are literally hundreds of results) except free testosterone which was around 50pg/ml (49-150). Total testosterone was normal at the around the top of the range 900mg/ml (250-1048)

    Not one single endo or urologist could explain this to me (E2 was low normal, so it wasnt that)

    I finally after 3 years was reading that depression can cause low free T in some cases. I went to see a phsych. He diagnosed me with major depression.

    I have been on Cymbalta now for 2 months. I feel so much better and free T is now 123pg/ml.

    I just wish someone could have told me about this earlier, I would not have to suffer like I did for 3 years. Just posting this incase anyone is suffering similar circumstances/symptoms.

    Zadok, how did your weight and body composition change after going on the drug?



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