Black Circles under eyes.........

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  1. Glad you're better, Spinn. Lyme is the worst there is for being misdiagnosed. You may have listened to an NPR special that aired last year about the subject...very informative.

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    Any permanent damage done? How severe was your case?

    Very severe, I had a stroke, no idea how severe that damage is, or was.

  3. What area of the Country are you from? I take it not Connecticut or Upstate NY (doctors there should be well advanced in treating lyme)?

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    Thanks guys, but it turns out I had lyme disease for 30 years. All of the doctors I saw said I was lazy and lacked ambition. The only doctor who made an effort to cure it did in 3 months. I still have the circles, probably from stress lowering liver function.
    WOW. WTH. How come they wouldnt test you for it? And how did you figure it out?
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    WOW. WTH. How come they wouldnt test you for it? And how did you figure it out?
    I am in Washington, DC and have a naturalpathic dr who cured me. There is a huge controversy surrounding lyme. Conventional drs will not treat it because they are told it does not exist in chronic form. They were even sued by the ct attorney general

    as it stands now, if you get lyme and see a conventional dr, you will either die or commutt suicide which is actually very common http://www.lyme-disease-research-dat...yme-story.html

  6. i always thought the bags were from lack of sleep/ low iron....almost like ppl with low iron that bruise easily...don't know where i heard taht from....but i actually bought some CVS brand roller pen for under my eyes, it works really good, my g/f actually has made comments that the bags aren't nearly as bad or completely gone since i've been using it, my mother has them too which means it could be a genetic thing
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