Dead sex drive and penis after my first test cyp. injection

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  1. are you still taking novadex xt

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    It has been almost three weeks since getting injected with test cyp. I feel no different other than the erectile dysfunction. I was getting erections 2-3 time a day and had sex 3 times a week before the injection. Now I get no erections and have sex maybe once a week. It felt that after the injection, something felt weird in my groin area, then POW.............Erectile dysfunction. Need some help here guys! Please!
    Are you using HCG as well?

  3. I took Novadex for the first two days, 4 capsules in total, then stopped. I am not taking HCG.

  4. you said you took a 200mg injection

    are you taking 200mg a week or 200mg every two weeks.

  5. dude what did the doctor say?

    for christ's sake get some freakin viagra or something

  6. Dude - Get your test levels checked again and get your estrogen checked out. I bet your E2 is way to low and is causing your ED.


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