Noscapine and prostate cancer -

Noscapine and prostate cancer

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    good find;
    Any idea where to get Noscapine in USA or what contains it.
    It looks like should be included in some cough suppressants, possibly not enough to make a difference to cancer patient.

    My friend in Poland have prostate cancer.


    Some of the sources for getting Noscapine:

    This is not an all inclusive list and it will be amended as we go along. Your experiences in locating noscapine are very valuable. Please involve your physician and record your information on our Medical Smart Chart.

    For the time being I know about the pharmacy in Israel. They ship internationally. I do not have any first hand knowledge about the other resources listed, so input from members of this list is valuable to share with other people on the list.

    Netzah Israel Pharmacy
    Compounding Pharmacy
    Netzah Israel Str. 11
    Tel Aviv, 64352, Israel
    Israel Fax Number +972-3-761-7329
    E mail:
    ============================== =============================

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