My visit to Dr. John

  1. My visit to Dr. John

    Had my first visit with Dr. John Monday. I would have posted sooner, but I spent the last two days at the hospital as my father had a massive heart attack on Tuesday morning. He's still in critical care. But... back to the point of the post.

    I think this thread will be just like Kingneptune40's. My visit was great! I wish I would have discovered him years ago. Every bit of it was pleasant from start to finish. Kim was a pleasure to talk to and to guys who are going to be going there....don't step on your tongue ! I mean WOW! And as Wildfox said, she knows how to walk too!

    Dr. John was the first doctor who I've ever talked to who didn't talk down to me. I felt relaxed and comfortable. He seems extremely knowledgeable and I am completely confident that I'll finally find the answers I've been seeking.

    I could go on and on... any of you guys who have pondering going to see him? Do it! You won't regret it.

    Anybody interested in my starting a log to chronicle my treatment?

    Thanks for your time to all who read this. Todd

  2. good for you man...

  3. Todd...........Sorry to hear about your dad, I have had a similar situation with my father recently........very stressful.......Hope things are going better........

    On a lighter note, good to hear Dr John has you pumped........I cant wait to get my blood results back and start my treatment........I think you should definitely keep us updated on your progress over the next 6 months........"within the guidelines".......per Dr John.............Good luck my man.........Peace

  4. yea keep a log

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Dr. John View Post
    One of these days you guys are going to realize I just like sitting and chewing the fat with you. Makes for a nice day at work for me.
    Dr john if guys pay you ahead of time, Do you have them write a bibligraphy of there problems or have some form to fill out to pinpooint where the problem may be and then before they come to you from that data you give them a specific lists of test to run so the results are in your hands and a protocol based on those results is issued there and then instead of issuing lab work after the consultation. Would you concidering doing this in the future if it is not part of your procedure now ? I do not blame you for paying a head of time at all, but is it all up front or a certain percentage? I think in the future you may be able to incorporate other fields of investigation which will take your practice to the next levels and beleive it or not insurance to pay for organic acid testing as well as amino acid (this will help to identify liver imblanaces as by showing alterations in the CBS and metyhation pathways, cell membrane disruptions), neurotransmitters. Alot of people I have encounter had other habits in the past that could have contributed to the condition they currently have namely smoking, or chewing.

  6. Minor Update

    Hello again everyone. Dr. John had me do the std. 24 hr urine urine panel after 2 weeks w/o any hormone affecting supplements. I finished it today and froze it per instructions and it ships out tomorrow. I'll have a follow-up appt shortly thereafter (can hardly wait!). I'll start a log when actual treatment begins.

    My dad finally went home after a week in the hospital. I have had alot to do with oxygen machines/tanks, etc. in addition to my normally hectic work schedule. At least life has normalized somewhat.

    Hey doc, I didn't really ask you at the visit, but your patients who have had successful treatment with TRT/HCG, etc. what are the most common things to expect and what are the typical timetables for those results. Any immediate changes (first couple weeks)? I know you are very busy, but if you should read this, any reply would be very greatly appreciated.



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