Test Suspension for TRT??

  1. Question Test Suspension for TRT??

    Anyone ever used or proposed using Test Suspension for TRT?

    Assuming the patient didn't mind multiple injects couldn't you create the most stable blood levels with this method??

    Theoretically 7 day a week injects at 10mg per day of Test Suspension would work but what how would you incorporate HCG into the treatment? Where you would normally use 200-250mg of HCG one and two days before your test injections with Cypionate you don't have that "break" in your injection schedule with Test Suspension.

    Also would it be possible to use Test Suspension EOD or E3D and maintain and effective and stable TRT regime??

    Would love to hear any and all thoughts on the use of Test Suspension for TRT. Thanks in advance fellas.

  2. Thanks Dr. John and a suscinct (sp.) and quick reply

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