Estrogen metabolism and dybiosis

  1. Estrogen metabolism and dybiosis

    You may want to have a stool sample done and if you have out of balance flora then you body is detoxifying the estrogen but due to elevated liver enyzme Beta-glucuronidase which can also be from bad bacteria. Once estrogen is metabolised it gets binded so you you can excrete it, but with elevated Beta-glucuronidase these bonds are broken and it is recirculated in the body not as estrodial but as other metabolites of estrogen doing the same damage as e2. To lower this you need calcium d glucurate 500 mgs 3-4 times a day and it should lower total estrogen not just estrodial. Given the fact of the SAD eating patterns it is estimated that bad flora out weight the good flora by a great number. As you can see how problems with immune and auto intoxification can occur easily.

    what i seem to think is happening to me is estrodial is fine but shbg is high because of elevated of already metabolized estrogen not e2 but its metabolites (good and bad estrogen) which are not being carried out due to bonds being broken by bacteria which is Beta-glucuronidase causing negative feed back loop to the hypothalamus and all the signs of estrogen domaince..So if one has skewed bad:good ratio and has hidden dybiosis of the bowel then they are in a vicious cycle untill the glucordation is brought back into balance or to remove the pathogenic bactera. I have been tested positive for ecoli and this is one of the little basatards that produce the greatest of amount of the enyzme. Alleviating the pathogenic bacteria may be one answer to correcting estrogen metabolism and taking the excess of load off the liver as well as causing an extra strain on methylation (hence TMG comes in) Yes you may be breaking it down through proper estrogemn metabolism but are you getting rid of it out your body properly and not having it reciriculate ?

    Estrogen procotol
    1. reduce aromatase - zinc, arimdex, magnesium, b-6, increasing progesterone (pregnenolone cream), reduce alcoholic intake , lose weight
    2. proper estrogen metabolism good:bad ratio - Dim, fish oils, more fruits and veggies,melatonin (proper ratio of AA:EPA essential)
    3. Identify pathogens through stool sample - once identifed remove pathogens, repopulate with good bacteria (,SACCHAROMYCES BOULARDII) and re-establish with prebiotics (inulin, FOS) , repair intestinal lining with glutemine
    4. If anaerobic bacteria are elevated or low in n-buteryate remove red meat, supplement 500mgs calcium d glurate with each meal 3-4 times a day to reduce the Beta-glucuronidase which removes already metabolised estrogen from the body and keeps it reciruclating in the blood streams causing extra strain on the liver. Get retested in 2 months to see if pathogens are gone, and enzyme returned to proper levels
    4. Provide proper methyl support for the liver - faster estrogen is metabolised greater depletion of methy groups and hence can lead into high or low homocysteine levels aka jams up methionne synthase pathway. Milk thistle, k-RALA, Sam-e, TMG, choline vitamin E mix tocepherols, vitmain C, zinc, taurine,nac, p5p could aid in here as well
    5. eat balanced fiber to sweep out extra toxins and estrogen.

    Calcium D-Glucarate supports Phase II detoxification of chemicals and hormones. By supplying a slow-release form of D-glucaric acid, calcium D-glucarate is an effective agent that enhances the deactivation of toxic substances and encourages their elimination from the body. When calcium glucarate is converted to D-glucaro-1, 4-lactone, it counteracts the enzyme beta-glucuronidase which conjugation and detoxification of steroid hormones and potentially carcinogenic compounds. Beta-glucuronidase enzymes are present in all cells, particularly the liver, kidney, lung, intestinal epithelium, breast and endocrine organs. By inhibiting this enzyme, glucaric acid derivatives may exert a protective, non-antioxidant effect on the immune system.*

    reason i know this is my savior is because on organic acid test it should I was high in xylene which i later found out was a xenoestrogen and is metabolised by conjugation hence why my b-5 levels have been deficient because b-5 is precursor to coenyzme A which is the beginning of the kreb cycle. So in lamens terms the estrogen bind up the conjugation and you end up depelting your b-5 resulting with coenyzme A defieincy and hence altered fatty acid, krebs cycle and reduced cellular energy resulting in low kreb cycle metabolites and sluggish mitochondrion. it has taken me almost 3 years to finally put the pieces of the puzzle together from doing laborous hours of research on all aspects of health, liver detoxication, studying the brain, endocrine system but i think I have finally reached my resolution..For many of you that have estrogen problems and still not seeking answer an organic acids test may shed some light on what lab tests may not.

    In men, the failure to metabolize estrogen has been linked to reverse effects, including that of promoting increased internal blood clotting associated with both heart attacks and strokes. This was shown in many studies, including the long-term Framingham Heart study. In that study, men with the highest estradiol or unmetabolized estrogen levels showed the greatest risk of early heart attack.

    A Canary's-Eye View — Estrogens

    Natural Approaches to Estrogen Metabolism* for Women and Men

    A Canary's-Eye View — Endocrine Disruptors

  2. [QUOTE=Dr. John;790803][QUOTE=hardasnails1973;790199]Estrogen procotol
    1. reduce aromatase - zinc, arimdex, magnesium, b-6, increasing progesterone (pregnenolone cream), reduce alcoholic intake , lose weight

    Progesterone increases SHBG--and does lots of other bad things, too.
    Everything has to be kept in balance through proper monitering and testing these idiots that start slapping on progesterone cream not knowing the interruptions it has on hormonal cascade are asking for trouble. Yeah it may correct one thing but in mean while could setting off a nasty chain reaction of something worse. People will never learn even OTC supplements can really set ones hormones even more out of wack making it more difficult for the administering dr to balance them. Its like how many time I put clients on nutrtional protcol calls and then 4 weeks goes by and still no weight loss, but every thing is set perfect accept on things the lady did not tell me she was mixing protein poweder with 8 oz of soy milk 3 times a day and she was already hypothyroid to begin with. So I can feel your frustration DR john when people forget to tell "oh by the way i was also taking x,y,z" At this point i gave them 2 choice either follow what i have suggested if you change something I want to know about it or find some on else. I hate when people deviate from the norm it makes our job alot harder and frustrating I know.

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