Great article on stabilization of cell membrane

  1. Great article on stabilization of cell membrane

    For those who have been flax seed and fish oils addicts in the past this may shed some light on your possible problems. I was fortunate to have dr kane as my dr. Even though she was 300 bucks for a visit it did shed some light on some things. Being a flax seed junky for 4-5 years thinking it was doing my body good un known that I was literally creating a cellular chaos due to causing an imbalance in the 6:3 ratio at the cell level. Too much good fats can eventually deplete you antoxident reserves quciker then you know it. Plus flax seed oil goes rancid in about 2 weeks not one month like every one else is to beleive. Taking excessive flax and fish oils per instructions of my ND over time drove my arachondonic acid into the ground. You are wondering what the hell that is. Well if you drive you AA into the ground you disrupt the p450 enyzme and then since your body is not getting it it ripps it from cell membrane which is not good. I agree that normal people have just the opposite of too much 6:3 ratio, but people living healthy life style eat clean reduce the foods that normal SAD contains and end up causing an imbalance in the opposite direction. So before implemeting Fish oils and if you have a history of udos or flax seed use in the past it might be advisable to get a simple test called a EPA/AA ratio to prevent further imbalances and leading to diseases such as diabetes, fatty liver, and endocrine disruptions. I found on line a simple finger prick test to verify these levels and any one taking or have taken fishoils or flax in the past i would highly recommend getting it down to monitor your self. it take only 4 months to cause an imbalance because thats when cells in liver recycle. Be glad to show any one the test results to see how out of balance i was..

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    Thanks, again!
    Could the shift in the EPA/AA ratio cause an alteration in estrogen metabolism due to the depletion of EPA and increase in the AA? Causing a build up of bad estrogen:good estrogen ratio? So would adding fish oils would help in proper metabolism of estrogen and take burden of the body.

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