GH, IGF-1 Potential to CAUSE tendinosis?

  1. GH, IGF-1 Potential to CAUSE tendinosis?

    Guys I know mush has been said about GH and IGF-1'a ability to heal tendon injuries but I am wondering if there is any possibility for either GH or IGF-1 to cause or exacerbate existing tendonosis? I ask because both times I have used GH or IGF-1 i have experienced achilles tendinosis in both achilles with intense pain and incorrect growth (bumps on the tendon) on both sides? Can this be an indicator of a dosage that is too high?


  2. you mean tendonitis?

    I once took a 7 day course of Levaquin its a quinoline same family as cypro and was terribly sick for 2 years with tendon pain and the likes to which you described. Were you on any antibiotics at the time? And with your past history of tendon pain I strongly suggest you never take any quinolines, tendon rupture occurs in some people from this family of drugs. BUt I have never heard of tendon pain from GH.

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