Raloxifene as an anti-estrogen in TRT?

  1. Raloxifene as an anti-estrogen in TRT?

    I was diagnosed a few years ago with hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, I was also diagnosed with osteopenia.

    A recent DEXA scan has revealed osteoporosis with a score of -2.7 of the spine...I am in my early 30s in the UK.

    I have found that I need to keep E2 in check.

    In the UK it is possible to get Raloxifene prescribed for osteoporosis.

    Raloxifene is supposed to be more sparing on bone density than arimidex.

    The questions are;

    Should I ask to be prescribed raloxifene and if so what dose?

    I ask these questions because I am not aware of the use of raloxifene in the setting of TRT but could maybe find it relatively easy to get this prescribed.

    Any replies are appreciated.

  2. Does that mean that Raloxifene cannot be used to lower the effects of estradiol as opposed to Arimidex to lower the actual blood level of the hormone itself?

    I thought that Raloxifene may have been of use because a) I could more easliy get it prescribed and b) it was less of a problem in terms of losing bone....

    Perhaps the logic is flawed.

    Despite being on two packets of Androgel a day and getting testosterone into the top third of the male range and taking arimidex via private and expensive prescription (they wont prescribe it on the NHS) and getting my E2 into the mid range I have continued to lose bone. I was -2 two years ago and now -2.7.

    Are there very definite reasons which make Raloxifene a poor choice here...I presume from you last post there are.

    Thanks for the pointer on the test regarding bone loss, i will enquire about it.

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