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  1. Quote Originally Posted by muscletank View Post
    Google excelmale and How to Find a Good Doctor that Prescribes Testosterone, HCG and Anastrozole for several physician directories
    I'll give that a shot, I called a local compound pharmacy and they couldn't give me that information, stuff is frustrating. I went on axiron for 6 months and it actually lowered my test, when I asked for dhea, pregnenlone and E2 to be tested for in my next blood work I was told there was no indication for it smh

  2. The folks from Defy Medical do telemedicine and many men are happy with them. You can google them.

  3. Thanks @muscletank, do the take insurance?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by made2last View Post
    Thanks @muscletank, do the take insurance?
    No they dont, u can fill out a reimbursement form from them tho and turn it into ur insurance if they will even cover the items?

    Ageless mens health is one of the only clinics ive found that takes insurance, but they need to do ur shots in house, which blows

  5. Yea copays can add up

  6. Made2last
    No, they don't.

    I think Low T Centers and Ageless Men take insurance but they make you go to the clinic once per week for a shot so that they can charge your insurance.

  7. I just tested low for testosterone and have an appointment with an endocrinologist in a couple of weeks. My concern is he is about 70 years old, and I want to try TRT. Has anyone had issues going this route with an older doc?

  8. Heck, the best doctor for TRT in the world is Dr Eugene Shippen in PA and he is old.

    Ask the doc his opinion about HCG and anastrozole. If he says he does not prescribe them, you will know he is not very progressive.

  9. Here are some good questions for your first visit:

    Questions to ask a doctor/clinic administrator about testosterone treatment:

    How many men does he/she treat for hypogonadism?

    Does he/she offer HCG therapy, in addition to testosterone for testicular atrophy? (Many doctors do not know how to use HCG.)

    Does he/she use Arimidex (generic: anastrozole) to keep estrogen down in case of gynecomastia (enlarged breasts) or other high estradiol related issues?

    Do they provide other therapies that can complement testosterone replacement?

    Does he/she allow patients to self-inject at home?

    Does he/she work with any compounding pharmacies to access cheaper and customized hormonal products? (Some doctors worry compounding pharmacies have poor quality control)

    How many times do you have to go see him or her?

    Do they share blood work results with you?

    What is the set-up lab/doctor fee and approximate drug costs per month?

  10. If it doesn't workout with your endo, find a compounding pharmacy in your area and tell them you're trying to find a good TRT dr and ask them dr's than prescribe the most test.

    Also HCG is not a must for TRT. I've heard of more guys having problems with it than it helping. I've been on TRT for 2 1/2 years and haven't taken HCG. It can make managing your E2 levels really tough.

  11. Great thank you both very much, that gives me a lot to go on.

  12. I love HCG. It boosts my sex drive, mood and sperm on TRT. I inject HCG + T in the same 27 gauge 1/2 inch syringe on shoulders or guads.

  13. Very informative thanks !!!

  14. Anyone know of a good DR in Nashville?

  15. Quote Originally Posted by pmgamer18 View Post
    I don't agree on shots not being as good as compounded T but try it retest in 8 weeks if your levels are not up into the upper 1/3 of your labs range and your still not feeling better try the 10% compounded cream.

    IF after this you still can't get good levels go on shot tell your Dr. there are new ways to doing shots out there now most do them 2x's / week of E3D subQ into there belly fat. Dr. Shippen has been doing this for his men for over 10 yrs. he did the book "The Testosterone Syndrome".
    Good advice here. Two inject ew is probably best.


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