Sudden testicle shrinkage. No libido, fatigue. Varicocele?

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  1. From what I've read, microsurgical inguinal varicelectomy is the most effective form of surgery. Far higher success rate with less possible complications.

  2. Yeah I read that as well. I say go for it man if you can find a doctor to perform it. There's gotta be a urologist out there that is willing to acknowledge the benefits it can provide. Having a tough time finding one in the UK it sounds like? Any improvement since you last posted?

  3. None. It's been almost a year. Pain in my left groin has increased since about July. MRI from last week came back clear.

  4. Finally have the free testosterone results from the beginning of january.
    Free testosterone: 12.62 pg/ml (4.0-30.0)

    Doesn't look good, I don't like this "within range" crap. I've always put a great deal into eating and living healthily. I've always been well above average in terms of strength, endurance. recovery and so on. Really could do with a pre-incident blood test to show a comparison, because doctors are incredibly short sighted.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by fweed View Post
    Finally have the free testosterone results from the beginning of january.
    Free testosterone: 12.62 pg/ml (4.0-30.0)

    Doesn't look good, I don't like this "within range" crap. I've always put a great deal into eating and living healthily. I've always been well above average in terms of strength, endurance. recovery and so on. Really could do with a pre-incident blood test to show a comparison, because doctors are incredibly short sighted.
    Sadly most doctors are satisfied when a patient functions in an average life
    Anything, just ask

  6. Yeah sadly I got the same from my doc test was 4 in a range of 2 to 14 and he said it was completely normal

  7. Only problem is I'm not functioning. Someone is wrong. No libido for one year now. Always tired, yawning all day, morning wood is barely existent, and weak and fleeting if it appears, as in halfway and gone within seconds.

    Find a new doctor 310717970. If he isn't curious, and doesn't consider you as you - rather than a statistic, then he won't try to find what the problem is.
    Might have to look further afield.

  8. Hey fweed thanks man. Yeah I actually just started ignoring the doc and taking basic staple supplements like vitamin d, magnesium, zinc. I'm also on a natural test booster and have completely changed my diet to a test based approach. Starting to see some improvements slowly.

  9. It should help your health in general. Maybe it will push your body to heal itself.

  10. Yeah my erections are back...still using the aid of cialis but have seen some drastic improvements. How are you doing brother?

  11. Had intense pain 2 weeks ago, went to the emergency section of the local medical centre, doctor said it feels normal. I thought maybe I had a partial torsion or something. Pain lasted 3 days then stopped. Testicle still feels normal, whatever normal is these days.

    Had a urologist scheduled for the week after, but the day before it the hospital cancelled the appointment I had waited 5 months for, and pushed it another month and a half forwards. Only found out when I checked voice mail already in the waiting room.

    Had a slight increase in libido, maybe up from 0-5% to 5-10%, but it varies.

    I'd like to know what the root cause is, then it can be fixed.

  12. Man the medical system is so useless

  13. Really. Building maintenance is quicker than this. Six months to probably tell me my blood results are "in range". What do you think is helping the most for you?

  14. So far it's probably been cooling the testicles....pains me to think I would previously leave them heated without cooling or any legs against the wall moves. Impossible for them to produce anything meaningful if they're overheated

  15. Good to know. I need to be cooling mine too. Going to the endocrinologist in a couple of days. Spanish one that told me "it's all in your head" in September. Have an appointment booked for the end of march with a private one in England. If neither is any use, I have the name of another guy in England who has done a lot research, maybe he's encountered this before.

  16. Yeah gotta keep rotating through these losers. ..most of them are just so out to lunch...ridiculous that I had to do all this self research and self medicate to start seeing improvements

  17. Blood results from 1 month ago:
    progesterone - 1.81 ng/ml (0.63-2.15)
    cortisol - 15.9 μg/dl (7-25)
    estradiol - 31.24 pg/ml (11-55)
    FSH - 3.2 mUI/ml (1.5-18)
    LH - 6.1 mUI/ml (1.4-11.1)
    prolactin -18.08 ng/ml (4-15.2)
    testosterone - 7.68 ng/ml (2.5-11)
    t4 free - 1.69 ng/dl (0.8-??)
    TSH - 4.58 μU/ml (0.27 - 4.2)

    prolactin (30 minutes after) - 12.4 ng/ml

    Endocrinologist told me my thyroid might have a small problem but doesn't require medication, that it should be checked every year.

    Still no answers. She said it must be something physical rather than hormonal. I still think it is a combination of both.

  18. Hey fweed,
    Sorry to hear about your struggle. I too have been experiencing very similar symptoms to yourself over that past few months. (Smaller testicles, low libido, low lust for life, pain in testicles) Went to few doctors and a urologist but all tests came back fine. I am in my early 20's so this situation has me very stressed out and I would at least like to get an answer as to what caused this.

  19. Could you think of any antibiotics, or medications that you took prior to this happening? Maybe any injuries to the pelvic region?

  20. Also, might sound strange, but I've noticed a significant reduction in the amount of semen when I ejaculate did you happen to experience this?

  21. Hi abc. I took no medicines before it, and suffered no injury that I can think of. My best guess, is that there was a blood flow issue to the testicles, combined with a hormonal imbalance, and the endocrine system became out of sync and couldn't rectify itself.

    If your semen volume is low, it might be your prostate, as 80% of the fluid is produced there. Maybe think about prostitis as a wild guess. If your testicles have shrunk, have an ecography of your scrotum, so the testicle size is accurately measured and they can look for varicoceles (dilated veins leading up from the testicles). By how much have your testicles shrunk, and over what time period?
    How reduced is your libido, 50%, 25%?

    Don't let the urologists etc put you off, if you can see there is a problem, keep working on it and have the necessary tests even if you have to insist on them.
    Another guy on here, 31071, mentioned something called pelvic steal syndrome, where other leg veins divert the blood supply.
    I recommend you have a hormone panel done on your blood, and an ecography of the scrotum. Talk to another urologist if this one is not helpful. Post when you find out more.

  22. I'm not sure if I have lost seminal volume, it might be the case. My pre-ejaculate certainly reduced a lot, to almost nothing compared with before. How often do you masturbate/ejaculate? Frequency affects temporary volume.

  23. Hi fweed,
    Thanks for the quick reply. I'll try to sum everything up:
    In November 2015 I got stong pain in the bottom of the right testicle. After about a day pain became mild but I still went to a doctor. Checked for torsion, told me everything was ok. Pain never left so I went to a another doctor, is was in December. Gave me one week antibiotic in suspicion of epydimis infection but did not really help. By now I noticed shrinkage. So I would say shrinkage was about a month. After this I got ultrasound (ecography I believe you call it) and several urine test and everything seems fine according to doctors.

    I would say testicles have shrunk about 40%(epydimis/veins seem more noticeable now) (more loose skin)., libido use to be very high (I would masterbate/have sex every day, or at least every other day) and now it is extremely low. Only have desire about once a week, tough to get/maintain erections. I would say libido is down 80%.

    Before the pain/shrinkage when I ejaculated everyday/every other day there was a decent amount, a two day break would make it a huge amount. Now, after 2 day break there is very little semen. After about a week their is decent amount but still no where close to what it use to be.

    I will try to get blood panel and maybe semen test done as soon as possible. Doctor said that a semen test probably won't show anything if urine test came out fine though.

    Sorry for any spelling errors.. in a rush to get to work. I will check back in soon.

  24. Also, I find cooling the testicles with cold shower when ever I can helps a bit!

  25. Did the ecography show nothing at all? Maybe ask the urologist to perform a standing valsalva check. Means he checks your groin for varicoceles and hernias while you are upright. He asks you to cough or bear down to increase the pressure in the area.
    Prostate should be checked.
    The pain at the bottom of the testicle and the extruded veins could be a varicocele. Other possibility is a partial torsion - torsion can only be ruled out 100% by surgical examination.

    Your problems are pretty similar to mine, and mine is still a mystery to some extent, at least according to the doctors.


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