Testosterone Cypionate and erections.

  1. Testosterone Cypionate and erections.

    I am not on TRT, but will be taking 200mg of Test Cyp per week for the next 10 weeks. Has anyone had any experience with Test Cyp helping with erections? I understand that it can increase your libido significantly, but has it helped with erections?

  2. I've been on trt since Aug.20th, 2012. Diagnosed primary. 100mg/wk and erections are like steel most of the time. Wife noticed it big time as did I. When I play with doses to 200 mg, same thing except libido is more off the chain, vascularity is increased and I tend to feel a bit more bloated. If you have no other underlying hormonal issues etc. your junk should be lead pipe-ish.

  3. It is all about what this dose does to your Estradiol E2 levels going on 200 mgs of Test C in one shot is a lot and will spike up your E2 levels. Try doing your shot 80 mgs E3D subQ into your belly fat this will help to keep your E2 down. It's high E2 that kills your sex life and gives man ED.
    I take Aromasin to keep my E2 in check and I do 250 mgs of HCG the day before my 80 mgs shot E3D. I am 69 and have Rem Sleep Wood everynight as long as I keep my E2 in the sweet spot. Here is what I do to keep from going to low on E2.
    ============================== ====
    How To Take Arimdex or Aromasin and not go down on your Estradiol to Low.

    What I found is if you go to low taking arimidex, it's the length of time your to low, if your too low say for 8 weeks it can take your body a longer time to make more Estradiol. Bottom line is to know how not to go to low. Keep a log on your dose and how you feel men going to low can't get it up taking Viagra. I went to low when I first tried Arimidex and did not know about going to low or how one feels to low, so I was low a good 8 weeks. I did not know I was low until my next labs.

    The best gage I have found to control your Estradiol levels is to gage your night time and morning wood. At good levels or what I call the sweet spot you get your night time and morning wood back so strong it will wake you up and you can hang a coat on it.

    Most men do good taking .25 mgs or 1/4 of a 1mg. pill, I use a pill cutter to cut the small pill in half then I stand it on the cut end and use a single edge razor to cut this in half. A good way to take arimidex is by how high your levels are. I tested over 90 pg/ml so we tried doing .5 mgs every other day after 8 weeks my next set of labs showed it did not move below 90, test said >90. So we did .5 mgs. every day in about 2 weeks I got some strong night time and morning wood back after not having them for many yrs.

    I kept doing this dose and in 8 weeks my next set of labs said <20 back in the day labs were like this they did not have to good labs we have today they could not read lower the 20. My Dr. told me this looks to low to stop taking the Arimidex. The one thing I noticed was my wood stopped and stopping the Arimidex my wood came back in about 7 weeks my next test at 8 weeks was 24 pg/ml. So we went back on the Arimidex but the Dr. told me to take .5 mgs every 3 days I was on this dose not a week and lost wood. This is when I figured out going to low you lose wood. And the longer your too low the longer it takes to get levels back up.

    I stopped the arimidex right away and got my wood back in 4 days. I then after playing with the dose for a time found the best dose is .25mgs every 2 to 3 days.

    So lets say your labs are less the 50 pg/ml if your take .5 mgs you can go down so dam fast your miss the sweet spot of your wood and go to low. It's best with lower levels 50 and under to do less Arimidex .25mgs every 2 days if later your lose wood when it comes back go to every 3 days.

    I have found estradiol is the hardest hormone to control, it goes up or down from month to month some times I need .25mgs every 2 days other times I need .25mgs everyday most of the time I do well on every 3 days.

    So between wood and labs I do great and so do most of the men I have told this to. I keep a log on how much I am taking and how I feel. Doing this and reading back in my log I was able to tell when I was going to high or to low my Dr. lets me dose my arimidex by how I feel.

    Over the yrs. I have posted this story until I am blue in the face.

    Quote Originally Posted by adawg1980 View Post
    I am not on TRT, but will be taking 200mg of Test Cyp per week for the next 10 weeks. Has anyone had any experience with Test Cyp helping with erections? I understand that it can increase your libido significantly, but has it helped with erections?

  4. Yup keep the e2 in the low range. With 200mg your libido should be pretty high, until your e2 begins to slowly rise to the point that kills your sex drive and ability to keep hard erections for long periods of time. For my trt, I inject 50mg twice a week. Any more than that, and my libido and erections suffer.

    Are you wanting to cycle or something? If so, go to the anabolics section and they'll answer all of your cycle questions. 200mg/week for 10 weeks isn't a good cycle. If you want a cycle that really counts, go for 400mg-500mg (divided in 200-250mg twice a week) for 12 weeks. Just keep your e2 in check with an AI. I blasted 1000mg for 6 weeks once without an AI, and let me tell you, it wasn't fun. My e2 was at 136, and my libido was dead along with erections. Took a good 1-2 months to recuperate.

    Keep your e2 around 15 at the lowest and 30 at the very highest. I do best around 20 myself. Anything lower and my joints hurt like a b-tch. Get the FEMALE hormone panel at private md labs .com after around the 6th week to see where you stand.

    By the way, does sub-q injecting make THAT much of a difference in e2 control? Or just a few points? I wouldn't inject any more than 50mg max if doing sub-q injections, so anything over 50mg would need to be IM.

    If you think you need to do more research, definitely do the research first. You want to be as knowledgable as possible prior to messing with your hormones, they're not the most enjoyable thing to screw up as it takes quite a while to get things back to normal.

  5. I have been doing subQ Test C shots for a yr. now I feel more level and my E2 is more level no big rebounds and E2 is lower doing this.



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