Clomid HRT automatically increase E?

  1. Clomid HRT automatically increase E?

    Can anyone tell me how taking Clomid instead of T for HRT compares wrt to Estrogen? In other words, which one causes E to go up more? For example, if you have T of 500 and start taking either Clomid or T in order to get something more like 800, would your E levels increase more by taking Clomid, or would they increase more by taking Testosterone?

  2. I would guess Clomid because of possible IT aromatization, but you'de probably just need to try it and see. Going to be s little different for everybody and deoend on your hrt program.

  3. Do I understand correctly that you are saying Clomid induces higher E in itself and then you get a doubled whammy when part of the simultaneously increased T also converts to E?

    So is it common for people who use Clomid instead of TRT to also need AI then?

  4. No double whammy, other than more places to aromatize to E. No intertesticular aromatization with injections. Really hard to generalize expected results. I think most here would suggest Clomid if it works for you.

    You may need an AI for both or neither. Ton if variables.

  5. My understanding (I am not a medical professional):

    The pituitary gland produces LH, which causes the testes to produce T. Some of that T is converted to estrogen. When the pituitary gland sees a certain level of estrogen, it stops producing LH. Clomid tells the pituitary gland to ignore the estrogen it sees, resulting in higher T levels.

    Other drugs either block the estrogen from affecting the breast and liver (Nolva) or prevent T from being converted to estrogen (arimidex, other ai's).



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