My GP might be referring me to an endo, just curious if there is anyone out there in internetland from my area (South Orange County, CA) that is currently working with an endo that seems to be up-to-par or more"open minded" on fine tuning TRT and running multiple compounds etc.. and really working with you. (I hope this is ok to ask in this forum? I dont see why it should be an issue?)

Right now it looks like my GP is up for it, and might take it on himself. and in that case. Id like to present him with a protocol that I would like to fallow. Could someone link me to some reading materials on what protocol to fallow?

I know a few small things like, I dont want to run a patch, id rather inject. I dont want to do big dose injections spread weeks apart. but thats about it.

Does 1 a week vs twice a week really make that much a difference? I just want to make sure that I dont end up going like every 3 weeks like I have read in some posts.

Also, if he doenst mention the use of hcg, Should I bring that up.. is there some sort of documentation I can print out to bring with me explaining why It is needed?

Is there a basic standard starting dose? Any way of wording myself to get it higher than normal? - As in saying. I dont want to do all this to barely get into the low-normal range. I want to shoot to be in the high-normal range.

Also looking for ways to get my test levels as low as possible before I get my blood drawn. Any info on that? Im going to call on monday to make the appointment for the test, test.

Any other advice? Tips? Etc...