So im new to all of this (HRT/TRT) stuff. So here is my current situation. And im sorry for this being a long post. But I want to get as much out as I can, because I am looking for answers that will help me me out with directly getting to my goals of stacking on muscle. Fast(er) than normally. Im going to do it one way or another. with lots of reasoning. So please, id prefer not to get flammed, id like to be taken seriously, and get well defined, well informed information from serious people here. Ill start off by giving a little background, an update on where im at now, and what my plans are. What I am looking for in return is "tweaks" "add-ons" and sources. (not for illegal substances, so I believe I am safe to post these questions, if anything is out of line, just let me know and I will edit it out)

So that being said. Ill try and keep it as short and sweet as possible.

Background: Im 27 years old, I have been weightlifting since I was 18, I was never really technical with bmi, and bf % yada yada... But I was eating right, pre-cooking meals for the week, had my diet in check for the most part, and was doing the rippetoe program as my last training regimen I was on. I got up to 200+ lbs and I was getting pretty good gains and progress over the years, Iv always been a pretty big guy. Up until last Nov.

I ended up getting chrons disease. and It almost killed me, landed me in the hospital for over a month, had my family come in and say their goodbyes (crazy time in my life), my ex-girlfiend whom I was going to ask marry me, told me that she was sleeping with another guy since i was in the hospital. (****ty). Lost my job, move back to my parents, all ****ty stuff. I also lost a TON of weight. im down to 160. (Right now im fallowing a paleo style diet)

Im on all these medications, and treatments, and seeing all these different docs. But during the last visit to my GI. I brought up the use of anabolc steroids. Specificaly, Testosterone, I told her that I had done some reading and read that Test reduces inflammation in the body. I also am showing signs of low-T, (Tired all the time, No sex drive, Cant gain any weight or muscle, gaining fat faster then muscle) She said that she would talk to some of the other crohns specialists that have used testoteron in other patients and get back to me. So she has givin me the OK to use test, and said it should be ok to use and wont mess with any of the other meds or treatments I am doing.

No to be real with all of you here... I have a buddy that can get me a Test E cycle, also has some dbol and tbol I believe, alone with stuff needed to run a pct. I would be all over that except for the fact that I am currently on 2 ammion suppresants, and my immune system is low. I dont want to risk getting a "dirty" product from a ugl and injecting myself and getting super sick. thats why im trying to get test legaly, though a doctor, So i know its clean.. Im going to push to try to get a higher then normal dose, specifically due to the weight issues, and I already spoke to my doc and he is kinda getting what I hinted towards.

So that being said. I may be going on HRT/TRT and im going to push for injectable test E. (is that what I should be shooting for)

Im basically trying to run a cycle. Do it safe, have it monitored by my doc, know the product is clean (probably get it though my insurance) etc..

And if it doesn't work out. Im going to go though my "buddy" and end up taking that risk. - Please, save the lectures that my health come first, yada yada. I have been though more ****, and have a damn pharmicy in my drawer in my bedroom. Iv seeing so many iron docs, gi doc, primary doc, specialists, theripists, I need other tests and yada yada. Im a human guinea pig. And everything I am on is a DOWNER. mood supressants, feel like crap, feel worthless, depression.

I want that Test High. That god like feeling. you know what im talking about. And I want to put on whatever muscle possible using gear.

So.. ill stop here. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and Ill answer them. But here are my main questions.

1. Can someone provide either an endo, clinic, or doctor in the orange county, ca area that is more "open minded" that will help me achieve what im trying to do. (This should be ok to ask im guessing?)

2. If I were to go on TRT, what other things can I stack on top like maybe Hdrol or another supp from a company like Mr. Su****. Thtat will help just pack on massive amounts of size. All i care about is getting size on me, I dont wann bloat out too much, but I just want my arms to fill out my sleeves of my t-shirt again.

3. Any other advice, tips, ideas etc.. on what I should do? (im pretty much set. Iv been though the ringer, Im way to skinny, cant gain. Im going to use, legal or not. TRYING to go legal hopefully, but this isnt a debate if I should or shouldn't. TO ME. the rewards outweigh the risks 10 fold.) On many many more levels then just size gain, but self confidence (thank you ****ing dumb ex, she had to cheat on me with a ****ing body builder) self-esteem, help cure some of the depression and negative self image due to the massive weight and muscle loss. I could go on and on. But I think I made my point. Im set on doing SOMETHING to get bigger. and Natural. Is not an option, unfortunate, but true.

So thats where im at.

Id like to thank everyone in advance for reading my post, and helping with me answers that will get me going towards my goals.

(Please, I just ask to stay on topic)

Thank you