Subcutaneous Test. Cyp injections who does it? Opinions?

  1. Subcutaneous Test. Cyp injections who does it? Opinions?

    Historically, I'm using 20iu of Sermoreline nightly sub q and 200mg Test Cyp, weekly IM. Well, I guess I'm just a wimp because it doesn't matter if the shot is given at the Dr's office or if my wife, a nurse practioner, gives it the injection site is always sore for days. This has been 2 months ish. I really want to try sub q with 1/2" 29ga insuline disposable pins. I know it will be a 2min draw and possibly a 30 second push, but it would only be a small amount, and it makes sense in my head. I'm also fearful about scarring as this is lifelong more or less.

    I've seen alot about splitting the dose and the efficacy of sub q injections being okay. I would much rather sub q .30ml {EOD) than get that 1ml shot every week. Plus it is also supposed to be better for peak/trough even though I feel fine. Actually I feel great especially comparable to my previous pre T life.

    Opinions or advice welcome

  2. I've done the same thing..I hate the 25ga 1 1/2 inch stick in the dr suggested for me to pin with insulin needles so I tried it and liked it..3 times a week at .30ml, I have went back to the once weekly pin that my wife gives me but thats only so I can do a blast here in the coming months before going back down to the 200mg weekly

  3. I'd stick with the IM injections. I use one pin to draw with (22g) and then change pins (23) before injecting. The tips of the pins ( especially the small ones) bend when pushed through stopper which makes it harder and more painful to inject.
    I switch pins to a 23g and inject in my quads with no pain or soreness. With using a new pin you can inject slowly and with very little pressure because the tip hasn't been damaged by the stopper. It takes my about 3 seconds to fully insert the needle. Good luck

  4. I agree with 89coupe. I switch to 22 gauge to inject and have no problem. I inject myself in the glute and have no issue with pain and needle is still to small to cause any scarring. I will go to deep every once in a while (more of a 90 degree than 45) and that will cause me to be sore for a day or 2. If it is sore at injection site you might try a topical analgesic

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