Pre read: Secondary Hypogonadal; 32 y/o; no prior AAS use; 245 lbs/20% BF; Labs taken 2 months post Clomid and before HCG; no TRT before

Ok bros got some new labs in and I want to see if you guys think I could benefit from AI monotherapy.
Tried Clomid and hated it. Felt more stable with low T and no Clomid.
Horrible reaction to HCG, massive nausea, headache, vomiting repeatable after every dose.

A few things that strike me:

I have low SHBG.....I guess thats good


Normal/Low Prolactin.........????

I have normal E2 -> must mean HIGHER than normal aromatase activity on my LOW T levels to produce NORMAL E2 levels............Maybe I could benefit from an AI.
I must be sensitive to E2 body slows down hormone production when E2 reaches normal levels. Somehow have normal E2 levels with low LH and FSH meaning the primary way my body is getting E2 is from conversion by aromatase which in turn suppresses LH/FSH.

I have low DHT......causing low sex drive I assume.

TT: 263 ng/Dl
Free T: 8.06 ng/Dl
DHT: 136 pg/ml
DHEA-S: 3149 ng/ml (1419-3867 range)
E2: 2 ng/DL (0.5-5 range)
Prolactin: 5.2 (3-30)
SHBG: 12 nmol/L (10-55 range)
LH: 2 (6-19 range)
FSH: 2 (4-10 range)

IGF-1: 181 (72-225)
Hemoglobin: 16.4 (13-17)......kind of High
Hematocrit: 49.4 (7-49).......High