Hi all,

I am new to this site but, no stranger to training; that is 5 years ago I wasn't. A short 5 years ago I was in the 190 range, at 5'8", and always dancing between 10-12% bodyfat. I was locked in and then the kids and bills happened along with crappy hours and whalla.....2 decades of fitness down the tubes. After "surviving" the last 5 years the wife made me head to the doctor to see what the hell was wrong with me. I'm thinkin I'm not sure I wanna know why I have no energy and wanna sleep constantly, even after just waking-up, as I am sure it is something not good. While talking to the Doctor about my symptoms, he said he is betting it is low T. We did the blood work and whalla.....my T came back at 157! He put me on 200 inject every 2 weeks and 2 pumps 1.62% gel daily. After 2 months my T only went up to 259. I have an appointment on Friday where he is deciding to allow me to self admin test weekly at home. Here is my opportunity and I owe it to my wife and kids to get back on track......I am reaching out to the worlds greatest community for help. I'm not looking to launch a career in the industry nor, have the time or money to jam every supplement known to man, hit the weights 3 hours a day, nor eat 300 g or protein daily by pulling chicken breasts out of my pocket during work. Here is where I am and where I would like to be:


5'8" , 205lbs, in the mid 20's b/f range (est) and a current TRT patient (for 2 months).


- To attain a weight around 185 in the mid teens b/f range
- Increase cardio endurance
- Add some quality muscle (I seem to have retained a decent amount from my earlier years and men in my family seem to be more muscular than most just naturally....thank God or I would look like a pig. It just needs to be brought out.

Plan: (need help)

- Going to workout with weights twice a week doing HIT method

**** Anyone have a good workout that can be done in 45 minutes or so****

- Cardio (running) 3 times a week. I know it is a lot but, I must drop weight before I can assess where I am at.

- Fasting diet: I am trying the 16 hour fast where you eat nothing for 16 hours and try to pack in during your eating "window". Doing this, 50% of the daily requirements come after the w/o. For me, with my schedule, that means waking around noon and not eating until 4pm or so. I will eat from 4-midnight. Unfortunately, I must weight train at 4 am so i plan on jamming some BCAA's down my throat before and during.


- Mulit-vitamin
- Fish Oil
- STACK : Forged Burner / Alpha-T2
- USP Labs AP
- EAS 100% Whey

Here's where you all come in:

How much T am I "truly" taking in with current protocol of 200 inject every 2 weeks and 2 pumps of gel daily:
- Is this sufficient for muscle growth or should I eventually add a PH?

I'm having a very hard time eating enough protein (money wise and crammin it down my throat):
- What is the most cost effective way to add protein without breaking the bank and my gut?

I have been away from the supps game too long (looking to drop fat and retain muscle first phase):
- What supps do you all recommend and how much/when

I am not looking to go back to my old way of weight training because I do not have the same amount of time nor, motivation/desire to lift like that anymore:
- Is the HIT method my best choice for only wanting to lift 2x weekly and what is the best program out there?

I am thankning you all inadvance for any and all assistance. As far as TRT advice, my doctor wants to get me dialed in at 1000-1200 before he is willing to look at adding hcg or anything else unless I begin showing symptoms of high E. I am looking to stay on his protocol for now as he is WIDELY respected in the industry.

I can add pics/blog of success and failures as I go along. Hopefully by setting this up, we can make a one stop shop road map for everyone in my shoes getting back to the gym while beginning TRT. Thanks!