Pregnant Mare urine for prostate cancer causing menopause

  1. Pregnant Mare urine for prostate cancer causing menopause

    Pregnant Mare urine for prostate cancer causing menopause in a male. My apologies if this is not the right location to post this at. Really not sure where to post this at, but figured this would be a good starting point. I think my uncles hormones are all out of whack. This last weekend I went to visit my 72 year old uncle in the Richmond Indiana area. My uncle told me that he had Prostate cancer and the doctor gave him pregnant mare urine as a cure. The good news is it appears his prostate cancer is gone, although he believes healed by miracle mineral solution(MMS). I have no idea what MMS is, but the is next on my research agenda. Since the initial treatment a year ago, my uncle has been having hot flashes all the time. My uncle feels like he is on menopause. From what I read the pregnant mare urine is basically conjugated estrogens. I read the following: "Bind to nuclear receptors in responsive tissues (such as female genital organs, breasts, and pituitary gland), enhancing DNA, RNA, and protein synthesis. In androgen-dependent prostate cancer, compete for androgen receptor sites, inhibiting androgen activity. Also decrease pituitary release of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones." Anyway I told my uncle that I thought his hormones are likely screwed up from the treatment and I suggested to my uncle that he should go to an endocrinologist to have his hormone levels tested. Any good advice or knowledge to share?
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