TRT DOSING PROTOCOL?- 24 yo in need of serious help

  1. TRT DOSING PROTOCOL?- 24 yo in need of serious help

    Hey guys quick rundown, im 24 just started trt 2 months ago with testogel low T symptoms for the past 2-3 years safe to say its been awful part of my life, anywho been prescribed this and am wondering what the benifits of a sub q to IM are as i dont want gel to incomvinient, i got my apt on monday and want to tell him im not keen on the gel any tips? also this would be great help, they could never find what was wrong with me, i pretty much self diagnosed myself, but im left wondering why? In regard to what has set it off, whats the basics bloods i should request? Thanks for your help in advance


  2. FWIW - Dr. John Chrisler (if you listen to SHR) believes daily gel apps to be the best TRT protocol.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by FireRescue View Post
    FWIW - Dr. John Chrisler (if you listen to SHR) believes daily gel apps to be the best TRT protocol.
    Yeah i listened to thT, i work a physical job, feels like it rubs off not getting the best results

  4. Im bumping sorry help would be goood

  5. How about you evaluate what is causing it in the first place? Trt may help some symptoms. As I am findings out it also can masks a lot of other issues. With out proper investigation trt should not be administered as easily to younger guyd. The focus should be finding out the reason why..
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  6. thats what im trying to find, in regard to blood work markers? i dont want just a band aid to cover up what ever is making it so damn low

  7. Listen, you need to provide more information if you want help. It's like saying you want something to eat and then expecting the waitress to get it right. How much gel are you using? What are your t levels? Your Estrogen levels? IF you are self medicating, you should know these BEFORE you start. Not trying to bust you but AAS and TRT is serious business.

    Tell your doctor you are afraid you will get it on your nephew and niece who are over at your place all the time, and you are also worried about your girlfriend as she has already gotten come on her.

    Ask to be put on injections twice a week, ask for (I assume you are less that 1 ML) 26 gauge needles and 1 ML syringes. Tell the Doc you have watched 20 videos on how to inject and you just need the prescription.

  8. sorry, bit of a rookie at this and a bit lost, before i started treatment total T ranged from 2-13 mmol, it e2 never seemed to be an issue nor have i been tested frequently enough (im seeing my doctor tomorrow which i will tell) yeh the more i read about TRT the more serious it gets man hence why im asking, im absoloutly petrofied, what i really just want it for these constant mind battles and obsessive bull**** to go, also thank you for your response, any advice is good advice!!!!


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