Suggestions/Recommendations - 229 ng/dl Test Levels

  1. Suggestions/Recommendations - 229 ng/dl Test Levels


    Was hoping for some advice/suggestions in regards to possible need for HRT. Have researched on the board quite a bit and recently and went for initial appointment with Endocrine doc.


    Male, 47yrs, good overall health, workout regularly,healthy diet, 5' 10" 182lbs.


    - High fatigue
    - Low libido
    - Low motivation
    - weight gain in mid-section

    Recent lab results:

    Free T4 1.19
    Test Total 229 ng/dl
    SHBG 28.0 nmol/l
    Free Test 4.8 ng/dl

    Full CBC and CMP - all in normal range other than slightly high Potassiuim level of 5.6

    Endo sent back note with lab results stating that he felt test is in the normal range. Seems to me that it is quite low. Any suggestions on how to discuss with him on follow-up appointment next week and/or recommendations on HRT friendly doc in Atlanta area.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback!

  2. Find another doc. You'll have to do some googling to find one, try to find an endo that is also a researcher. They're usually affiliated with a university.

    Good luck...

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