In need of advice

  1. In need of advice

    I have some issues I need advice on. I've been diagnosed with low t and been prescribed androgel. I have a slight case of gyno but its painful. I have two kids and me and my wife are trying for another one. I've been to like 4 or 5 different docs for advice and it just doesn't seem like they know there stuff and/or willing to help me get to the bottom of things. Sorry for the long ass post but here are my questions.

    Why am I having gyno issues ? Is it related to the low test? Will the androgel help with the gyno? Will the androgel interfere with trying to get my wife pregnant? Should I not even consider androgel with little kids and my wife around?

    Idk guys I'm just exhausted between going to all these docs and trying to figure out what's wrong with me. Any advice would be appreciated.

  2. Come on boys. In need of advice

  3. Androgel has to be used with care since it can pass to others, so beware.
    Regarding your gyno issue, have you run any cycle?

    Gyno is cause by high estrogen or by high estrogen along with high prolactine. A good approach would be to run tamox (estrogen receptor blocker) with Caber (lower prolactin levels from the pituitary gland).

  4. Appreciate the feed back. The last thing I ran was a cycle of mstane but that was a year ago. I noticed the gyno issue I guess February. The only thing I was taking then was test powder.

  5. M-Stane is know to cause sides such as gyno.If you press your nipple gently, does any liquid come out? If this is the case, it may very well be prolactine related gyno. If not, it is almost sure that your gyno is due to a high level of estrogen, or an hypersensitivity in your estrogen receptors. IMO, if possible you should see a doctor, since you ended your cycle a relatively long time ago, so this gyno should not be happening.

  6. If it is prolactine related, as I said, running Cabergoline 0.50mg E3D should help, but better seek advice in a good Endo, since all I can tell you is a little bit of "educated" bro science.

  7. If you have been diagnosed with low T then you should have bloodwork. Unless you have a full hormone profile treating the low T alone is not the solution. Get you estrogen levels checked before self medicating or better yet, why not have your doctor treat your gyno?

  8. I've been to like 5 diff docs about these issues and I can't seem to find one that knows their stuff. This last pretty much refuses to test estrogen.

  9. Letro + Caber will destroy your "gyno", unless it has gone into an irreversible state, but letro will also CRUSH your libido, which is bad since you are trying to have another kid..
    Have you gone to an Endocrinologist? Or just to a clinical doctor?

  10. No just regular doctors. I must live in the worst spot in America for docs though. The gyno isn't noticeable at all really it's just painful. If I could get the pain to go away I'd be good. Do y'all think erase pro or something like that could help or just make things worse because obviously I have some hormone problems going on.

  11. I think it is semi safe to say that this problem is estrogen related, so I would go with something that either crushes estrogen or binds to its receptors.

  12. I would try to see an Endo as a first option, but if you do not want or cant go that path, try Nolva (Tamoxifen Citrate), it binds to estro receptors making hard for estro to bind.
    If you want to CRUSH estrogen, I would suggest letro, though I have never used and have read that comes with some nasty sides (in higher doses).

  13. My doc actually had me run a month of clomid( I have a thread on here about it) to see if it would raise my test. It actually lowered it but the gyno pain went away completely and as soon as I came off the pain returned.

  14. Gyno is not related to low test, but high estrogen.Clomid, in my experience, tells your nuts to produce test more quickly than Tamox, but tamox is better against gyno, altough clomid works too.

  15. Quote Originally Posted by rsnake21 View Post
    I've been to like 5 diff docs about these issues and I can't seem to find one that knows their stuff. This last pretty much refuses to test estrogen.
    $60 -
    $60 -
    $69 -

    I use the first one.

    Edit: Prolactin $65 -

  16. Thanks man. If this doc doesn't come through next visit I'll look into those

  17. Oh I forgot to mention for the last two weeks I've had horrible acne mainly on my chest. Don't know if that helps with anything.


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