Pain with different test cypionate brand

  1. Pain with different test cypionate brand

    Hey guys just wondered if anyone else has experienced this issue. I have been on TRT for about 3 yrs. now. Dr. has me on 150mg every two weeks however I split that up at 75 mg. every week. The brand my pharmacy was getting was Pfizer 1000 mg. 100mg/ml. never had any soreness from this. My pharmacy has been having a hard time getting this particular brand and the pharmacist ask me if I had any problems with a higher concentrate and I told him not at all. The brand I get now is Paddock labs and it is 2000mg. 200mg/ml. so I am using half what I would use because of the higher concentrate. plus the cost of Pfizer was about $70 a vial versus $4 per vial for Paddock. my cost with insurance. I never had any soreness per se. with the Pfizer but with the Paddock labs man every injection site is painful up too 4 days later! Any ideas?

  2. The 200mg/ml is going to have just a little more bite. not much but you will feel the difference. your site will get used to it. I've used paddock before with no problems.

  3. Yea I wasn't sure if it was just the higher concentration. I can't say I have gotten used to it though! Have injected in both delts, quads and glute and it doesn't seem to ease up at all maybe just the higher concentration. The Pfizer seemed to have a thicker oil than the Paddock.

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