So I saw my endocrinologist today and wanted to pass on my experience. I've been on trt for 2 1/2 years. Started with 200 mg test cyp. e2w with Testim on days 10 to 14. Last November convinced my pcp doc to up dose to 400 mg with condition I see an endocrinologist to get their "blessing" of this dose; basically to have them say 400 mg e2w is ok or not. Took a while but finally got to see her today. Overall the experience was good. We both agreed 400 was too much and every week would be better. She ordered blood work next week on day of next injection but before that injection to get a baseline of sorts or to see where I am at the trough. She will then decide what dose is best and if AI is needed. She wouldn't do HCG unless I had fertility issues or testicle pain. She didn't seem concerned about needing to supplement pregnenalone and/or dhea. She thinks the body would take care of this itself. My last blood work a month ago showed preg and dhea at low normal. A couple of times she asked why I didn't prefer test gels alone, as if she was pushing it or under some promotion pressure (Axiron promotion maybe). I told her I sweat too much, it's a hassle, and expensive. She was OK with that, but I found it odd she seemed to be pushing gels.
Overall I found her to be not anti-trt thank goodness. After blood work next week she will probably confirm OK to go with 100 to 150 mg every week and discontinue the Testim. She is with the UC Health network here in Cincinnati.
So there you go. My endo experience wasn't too bad.