Erase-Erase Pro effectiveness on TRT

  1. Erase-Erase Pro effectiveness on TRT

    I see and read alot of posts about people using erase as a means to control E2. I myself am skeptical about this. Does any one have any coffin nailed shut results showing E2 before and afters?

  2. I'm interested in this also. I use Erase on TRT but mostly for "looks" since I look tighter with Erase.
    When I did my blood test for TRT my E came back very low, I think 6, and the only thing I had been using before that was Erase...

  3. I'm on TRT and take 80 mg every week. I have done blood work with this dose and with 100mg/week. Both times E2 came back slightly above range. The blood was drawn on the day of my injection before I actually injected both times. I have taking one erase per day for the past week and a half. I am going to wait another week or so and get blood work done. I cannot say for sure if I feel better or not or if my joints are sore from low E2 or just from training. When I get blood work done I will try to post images whether it is good or bad.

  4. I had pre and post labs on erase, no effect on e2.

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