Total Test /Free test

  1. Total Test /Free test

    If your Total Testosterone is in the mid normal range but your Free Testosterone is below normal could you be considered to be shutdown with all the symptoms of low Test?

  2. shut down no, symptoms of low test yes

  3. Quote Originally Posted by vassille View Post
    shut down no, symptoms of low test yes

    So would adding test help with this problem or just increase your total test and do nothing for your free test.

  4. It will help. As total test goes up so does the free test. It's only at those lower levels of total test that free test suffers because some of it binds to SHBG or other processes. Suppling more test will eventually increase free test but it also will increase whatever test binds with at the moment.
    Sometimes inflamation of the liver creates greater amounts of SHBG which binds to test which lower the availability of free test.

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