TRT and trouble i'm having

  1. TRT and trouble i'm having

    Long story short... This week marks week 6 on Test Cyp E7D..... Not that my erection quality was great but it seems to have slowed a little....and i think here are the causes:

    1. The last two weeks i have had a bout with porn and masturbation
    2. I am in school and the 3 days out of the week i am getting 6 hours of sleep
    3. I am noticing vascularity and fore arms and hands... maybe my CBC count is up alittle

    * no noticable gyno (Bitch tits) no tenderness or swelling in or around nips
    * I need to get labs to see where i am at.
    * i feel like my body is holding on to watever i eat. My arms just feel pumpy... without even doing a workout but i am not really gaining weight and this is the 6th week (I only have money for three meals a day. 6'0 180

    All i am trying to do is have a normal functioning erection. I will have to leave porn alone for sure. Need advice from forum.

  2. Is this a TRT dose...As in what mg? Also are you taking an AI? Any other things to mention?

  3. My bad. 100mg Test Cyp E7D. No AI's.... After that it is all out on the table. And Yes i am on TRT.

  4. Best bet is to get labs done either with Doc or private lab and post up results so we can better help. ED issues can be from high BP, stress, low T, or high Estrogen. Even things like poor diet and lack of sleep can attribute if it's raising stress levels etc.

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