What to Expect on Androgel?

  1. What to Expect on Androgel?

    Hi Everyone,

    As you see from my posting, I was prescribed 5g at 1% Androgel. I am 28 and my original T was about 28.

    I am about to move to Saudi Arabia, where they have very cost-effective medical care.

    1. What changes should I expect to see on my level of androgel, and in what time frame?

    (I.e. within two weeks, I should notice more fat loss, given that all other things are equal, etc.)

    2. What unwanted side effects should I look out for?

    (I'm guessing I should get my bloodwork done, especially with PSA, Test, estrogen, etc.)

    3. Could I simultaneously take some estrogen blocker, like Clomid, to reduce the bad side effects that may develop?


  2. Your t was 28?!?! Wtf anything will help you then and clomid can help raise t as well, but if you wanna control sides an OTC ai or low low dose pharma ai Is what you want

  3. Just dial in your androgel dosage to get where you want to be at, whatever level that is for you personally, then you can worry about sides/estrogen control. Don't put the cart before the horse, you need to assess tolerance and test at a level that is satisfactory for you before worrying about side effects. But yes you will see increased fat loss especially after many months on the stuff, months not days or weeks . And for low dose topical test, usually OTC estrogen control works. We just had a guy 28 in here going to the Middle East with low test, you're not the same guy are you? Either way as previously mentioned, try some clomid or anything before jumping on androgel at your age. Too young unless you have a legit medical condition causing it.

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