quad inject to far in?

  1. quad inject to far in?

    I have injected into my quads numerous times, but today was a little different. I always use a 1.5" 25g pin. I stuck the needle in around the upper mid portion of my outer quad. I could feel it go in through the muscle then it seemed to hit a slightly denser type of tissue. I aspirated, no blood just a bubble. Began injecting and there was some slight pain so I pulled out a little bit and continued injecting. Could I have hit bone or some ligaments? I am 6' 3" 187lbs very lean

  2. tahts a big needle first off and maybe you hit your bone or something. ive hit a ligament / tendon in my bicep / shoudler area before and it swelled up for like 2 weeks

    i wouldnt worry about it

  3. Thanks man. Yea, one time I injected too close to my knee and it ached pretty solidly for awhile. I have no soreness today, so I think I'm good.

  4. I use 21g and it feels like im stickin a pencil in my leg. Did have 27.5g that doc gave me but it wouldnt drawl the test out...too small. I always push it in all the way but i have a decent amount of muscle on my legs so it really doesnt bother me as far as depth goes.

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