Repeat Varicocelectomy

  1. Repeat Varicocelectomy

    In March of 2010, I had a varicoceletomy on a large grade three left testicular varicocele. The operation was done with the sublingual microsurgical method. Now roughly 6 or 7 months later, based on the results of an ultrasound, the left varicocele is coming back.

    The doctor who conducted the intial surgery, heavily recommends varicocele emobilization to take care of the recurrence. He states that although he would not recommended it for the initial surgery for a large varicocele, he claims it is very effective for smaller recurrences.

    Another doctor who is very well known at the UVA urology department wants to correct it with repeated microsurgery.

    Have any of you had a varicocele recurrence? How did you fix it?
    Do any of you have emobilization for your first surgery..regardless of whether your varicocele came back?

    Was it successful?
    I'm mainly concerned with that I consistently read on the web that emoblization is not that effective and is basically asking for the varicocele to come back in the future again.

    Thanks, I am so sick of this varicocele, I want it freaking gone for good.

  2. I'm in a similar position to you, but I haven't had a recent ultrasound to confirm, but it seems like it is coming back. I had convential sublingual surgery. I think I'm going to do the micro surgery this time. Does wearing briefs help stop a reccurrence, or does it matter? I know we should strengthen our veins with the right foods, to prevent recurrence again.

  3. I had emobilization this morning. I don't think wearing briefs can prevent a reoccurence but I may be wrong, what foods strengthen veins?

  4. once varicocele is there I do not think it goes away, it is veins that are flowing blood, you can have surgery to treat it but there is probably always the chance of reoccurence

    Did you people who have reoccurence go back to doing any strenuous activity like heavy lifting or excessive masturbation/sex

    Based on things I am reading I am sure to much strain on the body especially in the scrotum area is how varicoceles are formed

  5. Keep us posted on your progress. I am 3 months out and experiencing enough pain that I wish I had the pre-varicocele pain back. Had micro surgery on 8/8/10. I wonder if the varicocele is back for me...



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