Estradiol Test Confusion

  1. Estradiol Test Confusion

    I've been having some symptoms of high estrogen lately. I got my endocrinologist, who is treating me for a thyroid condition, to run an estradiol test. The result was 18 pg/ml (<56). He said I was fine and to stop worrying. I ignored him and took my results to a local family doctor that is obsessed with fitness (he is in better shape than me and thirty years older). I showed him my E2 test result, and he told me that the test was garbage since it wasn't a sensitive assay, and it listed reference values for both men and women (I guess implying not gender specific enough). He believes that my estrogen levels are high, and that a sensitive E2 test will prove it. He wants me to have another blood test on Monday using a sensitive assay.

    I'm confused then. I thought the whole point of a sensitive assay was that it actually listed a given number instead of just saying "< some number". If that's the case, then my E2 test was fine. Do the sensitive tests actually give a more accurate representation of the E2 levels in men? Or is my doc just misinformed?

    People on various forums have asked this question before, but it seems that a good answer is never given.

  2. Estrodial 4021x quest (13-54)
    estrodial sensitive from lab corp (3-70)
    problemed resolved
    I am not a medical Dr, please keep in mind that this answer is for information purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by The Matrix View Post
    Estrodial 4021x quest (13-54)
    estrodial sensitive from lab corp (3-70)
    problemed resolved
    I'm not trying to be overly obtuse, but I'm confused. Are you saying that the test my doc wants to run is the same as my original test, just from a different company?

    I guess I should have mentioned it, but my original E2 test was done by my endo's in-office lab. It just says, Estradiol (2675). There are lab values (like TSH) on my report that say ultra-sensitive before it, but the estradiol test does not. So I don't know if the Estradiol test used a sensitive assay. Should I just assume so.

  4. endos are never right.....ever

  5. Do the test over again I do the Quest #4021 the range is 13 to 54 pg/ml best level is 20 pg/ml with a mid range SHBG.



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