Massive amounts of muscle and the heart/longevity

  1. Massive amounts of muscle and the heart/longevity

    Short people live longer on average than tall people. fI lost were I got this from but just look around and you will see a lot more old short people over old tall people. This has been related to the demands placed on the circulatory system by aging and that demand being greater the taller you are.

    Now how about if you are heavily muscled. Will the demand placed on your heart be greater as well supporting a larger muscular structure? Up to what point can someone add muscle to their body without hurting their longevity? For the sake of argument lets assume that tryglicerides, LDL, and blood sugar are kept low and all hormones kept at optimal high normal level.

  2. Jack Lalanne was fairly muscled, and is in 90's now, but he is also 5'6". I don't think being heavily muscled, with all other things being equal and with good genetics, will have a negative impact on longevity.

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