Cortisol Required For Male Virialty?

  1. Cortisol Required For Male Virialty?

    Looking at my saliva results from a year ago my cortisol is very low almost daily. I have always had long, thin limbs and lacked the normal male virial look. I went through puberty as normal, but i never reached the final stage where more hair growth is supposed to happen on the chest, legs, arms, etc. I lack any kind of muscle definition, even though i eat well and exercise regular.

    I read on another forum that even if someone is injecting 250 of testosterone, they didn't see any results until they started replacing cortisol. I've also heard cortisol forces water weight, i seem to find it impossible to hold on to water.

    I also heard that high norepinephrine is due to low thyroid, and occurs when there isn't enough free t3 in the body. I am suffering from high norephinephrine with sweaty hands, feet and night sweets.

    Can anyone confirm this connection?

  2. With low cortisol, your thyroid will suffer along with many other things in the body.

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