Ok so guys MA Labs is back up and running...

And I am finally back in the loop...

You can use my code "WES20" for 20% off all your orders. The #1 selling Vicaine, Somatozine night-time MK677 formula which is highly reviewed.

I can assist you guys with all orders from TODAY and forward. If you ordered in the past few weeks, while the store was shut down. I cannot assist on any of those orders. As a REP I can only assist when the store is up and running.

So if you use my code, and you have any issues whatsoever, you reach out to me. For faster service, please message me at [email protected]

If you order and you do not receive tracking or confirmation, please do not message me. Check your inbox and look for SHIP CENTRAL. If 48 hours passes (business days) and you have a concern for some reason, then please message me.

I get alot of emails.. "Hey I ordered at midnight last night,it's 8am...and I don't have tracking" I wont even respond to those any more I just don't have time to be wasted. Please respect that.

If you have searched this forum and you have researched these products and you still have product questions, message me, or make a thread and tag me in it @WesleyInman or if you have order questions, and you use my code please reach out to me.

I can guarantee all of your orders so long as the store remains open.

The product line does not honestly need a sales pitch. Please google reviews. You will see A++++ reviews across the boards.. I am here to assist with any ordering issues, etc....

Thank you guys for your patience and your support.

Thank you AM

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