Vicaine - Prohedonic Opioid-Stimulant Complex

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Mike Arnold View Post, never. It is the first option on spellcheck because the spellings are so close.
    I have to ask, is Vicaine a portmanteau of Vicodin and cocaine?
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by muscleupcrohn View Post
    I have to ask, is Vicaine a portmanteau of Vicodin and cocaine?
    Sorry, I somehow missed this post until just now.


  4. I'll post up my mini-log for Vicaine soon. Sorry for the delay, I just didn't have many opportunities to try it last week with such a hectic exam schedule and not wanting to introduce a new variable into the equation. Today is my third time using Vicaine. The first time I took 1 cap probably an hour after a small meal, and I did notice a little of that "flmodafinil feel" which I can best describe as an increase in alertness and focus without really an increase in energy per se, which really is only noticeable when doing work or something, and just being able to really focus on it for extended periods of time without any distractions. I didn't notice too much in regards to mood though. The second dose was similar to the first, but I did notice a bit of a pleasant "warm" feeling with it that lasted for probably about an hour. No crash observed either time, just a return to baseline after a few hours, but nothing too strong either way. Today I took 2 caps upon waking on an empty stomach, and it's probably been about 40 minutes now, and after about 20-25 minutes I started feeling that pleasant "warm" feeling again, just stronger than before. After about 40 minutes, so just a minute or two ago, I began to feel very relaxed, but almost a little bit dizzy now, but a nice "head buzz" of sorts. I'm going to have a quick shake and some Gatorade and see how I feel after that. I plan on getting in a workout at home on it, as I haven't worked out with it yet, and would like to stay home with it the first time just to be cautious. I actually made a TRX-type band system out of steel chain, quick links, and PVC pipe, so I plan on using it (and some dumbbells/plates I have) to do a full-body workout in my yard.
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  5. 1 cap plus a half cap taken sublingually seems to be my sweet spot.

  6. Has anyone tried their NSX-6

  7. Quote Originally Posted by patrick25 View Post
    Has anyone tried their NSX-6
    Yes, I did many months ago and it definitely provided a nice mood boost. Mike said it was not a cost effective product to keep in production if he were to make it up to his standards. It was not cost effective for myself either..

    I think it is no longer available due to those reasons..

  8. I've asked a few times but not in here how would this go with a bit of MJ?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by rtmilburn View Post
    I've asked a few times but not in here how would this go with a bit of MJ?
    I have not had anyone mention this..

    And although I do not use MJ, I do not personally count this as a drug...


    I personally do not recommend mixing Vicaine with anything at all.
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