Need help with the cutting kit

  1. Need help with the cutting kit

    Am new to these stuff been searching and saw the andro cutting kit am really interested to give it a try looking to shred

    My weight 198
    Height 178cm
    Bodyfat between 22 to 25
    My diet 2300 lowering carbs every two weeks

    I do cardio everyday 25 mins

    So the kit does it help in losing bodyfat and what should i expect from using it

  2. The kit will help one lean up WHILE keeping their muscle. It is not a fat burner per say BUT it is a kit that helps reduction of bodyfat while keeping the muscle.

    You should expect a reduction of bodyfat, increase in muscle mass retention, no water retention, increased libido and a TON of other things while taking the kit

    If you DO buy the kit follow the directions on the back of the kit or ask one of us reps to set up your cycle

    Let me know if you have any other questions man
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