M1d andro

  1. M1d andro

    I'm looking at running a mild PH that will have very little to no shutdown. I am not real big on having to run Nolva or clomid.

    Would M1d andro be safe to run without either then followed buy a natural test enhancing product!?

  2. I was running the Bulking Andro kit with some Epi Andro at the side for 4 weeks and I manage it with an OCT PCT.

    I did not feel suppressed at all but the most suppressive I my stack was the 1-andro and that was low dosed.
    The M1d is none to very little suppressive and you should not have a problem with 4 weeks, I have read that 8 weeks is a max safe line for none methyl compounds if you what to make it back safe without a SERM.
    As for Methyl compounds a SERM is almost always recommended (even at 4 weeks) but they are also much stronger then none methyl.

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