17 pro andro dosage.

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by ironyogi View Post
    Personally, I like to take bigger doses of 17-pro..

    2-3 ml

    2-4x a day

    that's kinda what feels best.

    The 1.5 just felt dinky to me. Maybe because I'm a bigger guy.
    im at 12mls now, 4mls 3x dailym, im 180lbs
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    im at 12mls now, 4mls 3x dailym, im 180lbs
    How do you like that?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by funkd0c View Post
    How do you like that?
    strength increase is crazy... not really looking to loose weight as im not focused on my diet but aggression and libido is def higher
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  4. It will be my third week running the 17 Pro and Epi Andro stack. Wanted to give a little update. I am a poor example of what this stuff is capable of because my eating habits suck. I grew up always having to make weight for boxing and wrestling and when I left the boxing gym 7 years ago, my diet stayed there. So I dont really watch what I eat but always stick to a high protein diet and workout like a ****in machine (hour to hour and a half on the weights followed by a 2-4 mile run). When I started working out at the beginning of April, I was barely able to get 8-10 reps on bench press with 225 . I started my stack on may 1st and it seems like this past week it just started to noticeably work. My strength has gone up dramatically , I am able to shoulder press more than I ever have. I was doing 80's on dumbell press yesterday and I benched 300 lbs without too much struggle. I did not lose weight on the stuff. I am actually up like 3 or 4 lbs but definitely look more cut . My gut has gone down and I am starting to see my abs again. So based on the diet that I have , I think the stuff works as described by the company , if I were to keep a strict diet , I'm sure I would have dropped a few pounds. If I had more time I would def stay on this stuff for more like 6 weeks at double dosage minimum.

  5. I've had pretty similar results. I look leaner and people even ask me if I've lost weight, but I've only lost a few pounds. Strength is definitely up and I just look more built. I would call it like a lean mass, almost. Cut/lean mass.


    Say what you will about homeopathy. I started taking the Beast Anabolic activator, two days ago and for the first time in weeks I woke up with morning wood.
    Pretty much what the stuff was designed for. To activate your natural anabolic qualities. But that's another story...

  6. glad to hear the positive feedback guys! we appreciate it... feel free to review it in the review section if you get a chance
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  7. Epi andro converts to DHT (2 step) as does ph-17 so they will be excellent for cutting and hardening. It takes about 10 to 14 days to fully kick in but over time the body composition changes are very good. If you want to get very lean this is the way to go. Just remember if you are not going to peak within the time line of the run then wait till your ducks are lined up before you start. Hard muscle doesn't look any better if it's covered with a layer of fat
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  8. Why does 17 pro Andro make you feel so lethargic

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Josephmeekins View Post
    Why does 17 pro Andro make you feel so lethargic
    I myself never felt any lethargy while taking the 17 Pro Andro. BUT everyone reacts differently to different compounds.
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