17 pro andro dosage.

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  1. glad to hear the positive feedback guys! we appreciate it... feel free to review it in the review section if you get a chance
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  2. Epi andro converts to DHT (2 step) as does ph-17 so they will be excellent for cutting and hardening. It takes about 10 to 14 days to fully kick in but over time the body composition changes are very good. If you want to get very lean this is the way to go. Just remember if you are not going to peak within the time line of the run then wait till your ducks are lined up before you start. Hard muscle doesn't look any better if it's covered with a layer of fat
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  3. Why does 17 pro Andro make you feel so lethargic

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Josephmeekins View Post
    Why does 17 pro Andro make you feel so lethargic
    I myself never felt any lethargy while taking the 17 Pro Andro. BUT everyone reacts differently to different compounds.
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