LG Sciences Cutting Andro Kit Happy Holidays Log

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  1. LG Sciences Cutting Andro Kit Happy Holidays Log

    Happy Holidays from Bigflex0 and LG Sciences!

    It is that time a year where the weather turns chilly, we pile on the layers and gather with friends and family around bountiful holiday feasts. This year I will avoid piling on the typical holiday blubber and shed some of my existing blubber.

    I have in my possession two of these kits:
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    LG Sciences (Legal Gear) Cutting Andro Kit : Discount Cutting Andro Kit Supplements

    The Plan
    I will be going on a trip for my birthday in approximately 7 weeks and will be running the stack right till the end. I will either run the recommended doses and finish my last week "ON" while on vacation or up the dose a bit at the end and then transition into PCT while I travel. I have access to a gym while on vacation so there will be no issues there and I will be staying in a house with a full kitchen so no worries about PCT while in a hotel with no food prep area and a stationary bike to train on.

    The Goal
    Typically winter is the time most of us are out to add quality bodyweight I am on a different path. I had some health issues last year and really let myself go. I started to get back into it around April of this year and have dropped most of the unsightly adipose but am still not where I would like to be. I would do a full on cut but am realistic about the upcoming holiday schedule and dietary temptations therefore I will be doing a recomp.

    Male 30 years old, 5'11" and 230 BF? There is a faint outline of the top four abs but by BB standards I am fat. By everyday Joe standards I look fine but that's not what I am going for.

    I have been involved with sports my whole life including the following: baseball, soccer, football, volleyball, track and field, wrestling and basketball. I have many injuries that remind me of my past athletic endeavors mainly a sclerotic sacroiliac on left side of my back, a partially torn left rotator cuff and some arthritis in my elbows and knees. I train around these as much as I can but certain exercises are pretty much a thing of the past for me, this includes heavy squats and deadlifts. This dose not trouble me much as I have been lifting for almost 18 years and built a solid foundation using the basics.

    I will be doing a mix of weights and cardio. I usually rotate one day weights with about 30 minutes of cardio and then one day of 1-2 hours cardio. Due to the holiday schedule of social events this will be flexible.

    I was doing keto up until about a week ago but the results had stalled and I have gone back to a more balanced diet including moderate amounts of carbs. Protein is high, carbs moderate and fat low to moderate. Protein sources include: tuna, grass fed beef, chicken, egg whites, whole eggs powder and amino supplements. Carbohydrate sources include: white rice, small amounts of oats(they make me tired), blueberries, raspberries and the trace amounts I get from veggies and salads. Fats: whole eggs, grass fed beef, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, olive oil, fish oil, MCT oil and avocados. I also make liberal use of Tree of Life Unsweetened Almond milk, I get these for about $1.60 a container and use it for shakes.

    I will not be starting anything that I usually do not use.
    Fish Oil
    Various Nootropics
    Protein Powser
    Magnesium Creatine Chelate
    Various GDA's

    Hormonal History
    You name it I have tried it. I was around when the OG Andro's hit the market and have been taking this and that ever since then. There are more thing I have not tried than I have. I used to tolerate the harsher compounds better than I do now being almost 31 and have a new found appreciation for the safer compounds.

    I will be updating as often as possible and thank everyone interested in following along!
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  2. Saved for final review.
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  3. Day 2 Workout 1

    Day 2
    Workout 1

    Stiff Leg Deads
    Unilateral Standing Calf Raises
    Standing Bi-Lateral Calf Raise
    Cable Crunch
    30 minutes bike

    Due to injuries I do not lift very impressive weights anymore so I see no reason to list them for every exercise. I will not when I have an increase though. Generally speaking, take squats for instance, I start at a warm-up weight and increase to my heaviest sets.

    Good workout, great pump(I pretty much always get these anyways).

    Product Review
    Obviously too early to get results but so far the products are straightforward and easy to take. Taste is as follows: 1-Androstenolone good, Epi-Andro good, and 17-Pro Andro ok. The bottles do not leak at all. Well designed.
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  4. IN, kill it my man! It's still early for myself to give feedback on the cutting stack, but I'm loving it so far. No sides, just results.
    Current Log-Olympus labs Stenadrol- http://anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle-info/247378-olympus-labs-stenadrol.html#post4430422

  5. I do not anticipate any sides really, it could happen but I doubt it. Time will tell as always.
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  6. Diet

    16oz Unswt Almond Milk
    1/2 cup blueberries
    1/2 cup raspberries
    1 local organic egg
    2 scoops protein
    Handful of Baby Kale

    1 Hour Later
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    Grass Fed Ribeye(I trim all that fat off so no worries)
    Slightly sauteed fresh green beans in olive oil with Real Salt and garlic

    I am keeping protein high, carbs moderate and fat moderate.
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  7. subbed

  8. Day 3(yesterday)

    Not too much to report as I was on the road all day and out of town. Had to travel to my old college and get some transcripts for my new school. Then visited my Grandmother and took her to lunch(see pic below.) Then over to the in-laws to work on my car, then over to my parents house to see them. Did not get a training session in as we were all over the place and two states yesterday. I did bring the Cutting Andro Kit with me though and got all my doses in. Diet was not ideal as I went a little nuts at lunch but woke up this morning full and pretty tight so no real damage done. I personally can get away with a big cheat meal once in a while it's when the cheat meals turn into cheat days and then cheat weeks that it all goes to hell for me.

    Name:  Nana and Me.jpg
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    She is 92 years old, survived 2 husbands, raised 5 kids by herself and has accomplished way more than anyone should ever be expected to in a life time. I can not say enough about how much I admire and love that lady she is simply THE BEST!

    She is also really tiny so she makes me look big in pics so that's a plus lol.
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  9. Day 4
    BB rows 25,12,12,12,12
    Rack Pull-ups 4x10
    Rope pull-down 4x12
    Cable Pullover 2x15
    BB curl 15,12,12,12
    DB curl 20,15,15,15
    Wrist Curl 2x25
    Cable crunch 4x20
    Uni Calf Raise 4x20

    Great workout, pump has increased and vascularity has increased, looking harder most likely sue to water dropping due to the low dosed AI in the stack. I also did 60 minutes of cardio in the AM.

    Diet today
    Meal 1
    Grass Fed beef tips with veggies and rice

    Meal 2
    Chicken with brown rice and peppers and tomatoes

    Meal 3
    Whey iso
    cocoa powder
    almond milk

    Meal 4
    grass fed steak
    green beans
    brown rice

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  10. Day 5
    1 Hour of cardio AM fasted

    Going to eat light today as no lifting. Will still get the protein in but the carbs will be lighter. BCAA/EAA's will be consumed as well.
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  11. Keep it coming bro defiantly running this stack in the spring i hope the best for you

  12. I am definitely liking it so far, the random pumped up feeling is starting to become more common and for me that is a good sign when it comes to hormones.
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  13. Love this Thread man. Keep it coming. im doing a solo 17 pro cycle right now as well with all the similar goals in mind. Cant wait to see your results since this may be the next cycle that I run. Thanks

  14. Any sides at all no fatigued nothing

  15. Are you running your dose at recommended amounts and are you planning a Serm for pct I'm getting one just I case but can't really see any reveiws tht say they needed one I'd rather be safe than sorry

  16. No serm, I will be running the formadrol and some DAA. I am experiencing no sides except an increase in libido. No lethargy what so ever.
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  17. Awesome bro keep me updated please keep it coming sounds good so far

  18. Yeah flex keep killing it!

    And Rose, I'm running the same kit log. You should check it out if you get a chance, I'm finishing up 2 weeks.
    Current Log-Olympus labs Stenadrol- http://anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle-info/247378-olympus-labs-stenadrol.html#post4430422

  19. Day 6 (yesterday)
    Rotator warm up
    Rear DB lateral
    Front DB Raises
    Triceps Rope Extensions
    Close Grip Bench
    20,20 (I usually do a couple of sets of chest for a pump on shoulder day and a couple sets of shoulders on chest day. I find that if I wait a full week iinbetween hitting these two muscle groups I go flat in those areas and really who likes that?)
    Decline Situps
    30 Minutes Bike

    As you can see I do tend to favor the higher reps counts these days. I do love lifting heavier but as I have gotten a little older I find I am far more injury prone. Every once in while, when everything is clicking just right, the stars align, the weather is right, my relationship is going well and my horoscope is positive then and only then do a lift low rep heavier weight. I try this any other time and I pay for it with total half ass training sessions due to tweaking either my shoulder or back.

    I do want to point out that for years I primarily lifted with heavy weight on the basics and built a great foundation. It has only been recently that I wised up and realized that the days of 4-6 reps per set are mostly a thing of the past if I want to stay injury free.

    Almond Milk
    Protein Powder
    MCT Oil
    Raw Local Honey

    Post Workout
    Raw Local Honey
    Natural PB

    Brown Rice
    Egg Whites
    2 Whole Local Free Range Organic Eggs
    Coconut Oil
    Real Salt
    Pepper Sauce

    Slice of Organic Cheese
    Handful of Raw Tree Nuts
    Sliver of Gluten Free Muffin

    Dinner Semi Cheat Meal
    Gluten Free Buns
    2 Slices of Munster Cheese
    1lb Local Grass Fed Beef mmmmmmmmmm

    The pumps yesterday were FULL BLOWN. I does the 17-Pro Andro upon awakening and the Epi-Andro pre-workout, about 1 hour before training. The pumps were quick to come and lasted quite long after the workout. The pumps are on par with some of the DS I have tried in the past, this is a pleasant surprise. The vascularity is improving day to day which is great as I do not naturally have many veins popping. This is partly due to being pudgy no doubt but this is also improving on a daily basis. I am very excited to see where this all leads as this is normally the time of year that I go nuts and get fat but not this time around. The days of cutting and bulking are going to be a thing of the past I am thinking and I will be slowly recomping from here on out. My heart will thank me, my waistline will thank me as well as my back and my feet.

    Thank you to all who are following along. If there is anything I am not covering that you would like covered please let me know, also any questions please feel free to ask!

    LG Sciences/Legal Gear Rep
    Nothing I state is medical advice and is for informational purposes only.

  20. Hey flex how are you dosing everything? Are you doing it as suggested on the kit or are you going by what has worked for you in the past? Would love to see how you dose it out in a day.

  21. Sorry for the lack of updates I have been hard down with the flu. I have not eaten since saturday night and I can't keep even water from running right through me. I have a fever and feel down right miserable. As far as dosing I am following the recommended dose. I will re-evaluate the dosing after four weeks and decide if I want to double the dose and run for a total of six weeks or keep with the current recommended dose.
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  22. Funny you should say that. Im on day 5 of 17-pro andro and im experiencing stomach flu like symptoms. Hasn't put me down yet im fighting thru it but I defiantly don't feel like myself. Hope you get better soon

  23. I highly doubt it as my fiance and my co worker both have it as well and they most certainly are not on 17-pro andro lol.
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  24. Quote Originally Posted by bigflex0 View Post
    I highly doubt it as my fiance and my co worker both have it as well and they most certainly are not on 17-pro andro lol.
    LOL yeah I have already passed it off and figured out where it came from and I too assure you that 17 Pro Andro has NOTHING to do with it. Did you get my message about adding the EPI to the cycle? Pretty sure Im gonna.

  25. Good luck getting through that flu, a lot of my coworkers are coming down with it and I'm staying as far away as I can.
    Current Log-Olympus labs Stenadrol- http://anabolicminds.com/forum/cycle-info/247378-olympus-labs-stenadrol.html#post4430422

  26. Ok back in action I have hit the gym once and got a cardio session in today. I will update tomorrow more thoroughly.
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  27. 11/23/2013

    Did an hour of cardio in the AM and the PM.
    After the PM session I made dinner, brown rice and some Berkshire Organic Pork. My stomach was queasy prior to the meal but got worse after. The rest of the night I was in a great deal of pain and in the restroom often.


    Very ill, water would pass through me in 5-10 minutes I eat nothing.


    Still very ill, no training very little eating a bit of chicken and rice, a banana and some aminos.


    Still ill but am able to finally eat a bit more regularly.


    Feeling a lot better really the only remaining effects are a bit of sour stomach and fatigue. I do hit the weights though.

    Flat Bench Smith
    Incline BB
    Rope Pulldown

    Decent workout but very fatigued. I had to take longer rest between sets and was dragging ass for sure. Felt good the get back into it.


    Ended up sleeping in an extra 6 HOURS! I apparently needed the rest and took it. No training. I received many compliments on how great I looked from friends and family so things are going great!

    Black Friday

    Was traveling and with family the whole day so I did not lift but did get some cardio in at night. I also spent some coin on about 20lbs of protein due to the sales going. Looking forward to trying them all.


    Superset Workout
    Rope Pressdowns
    DB Curls

    Bar Pressdown
    EZ Preacher

    Close Grip
    BB Curl

    Cable Crunch

    Great workout and the pump was awesome. The Andro Cutting Kit is greatly increasing vascularity and other than a touch of very mild acne I have zero side effects. I have upped my dose as being about 220ish I felt the need for a bit more kick. I am dosing the following:
    3ml 3x day

    17-Pro Andro
    3ml 3x day

    3ml 2x day

    So far I like the higher dosing. I have not done the math but it is about a 50% increase in the dosing or there abouts.
    LG Sciences/Legal Gear Rep
    Nothing I state is medical advice and is for informational purposes only.

  28. Sunday
    1 hour of cardio in the AM
    30 minutes in the PM

    20 minutes of HIIT AM
    Rotator Exercise 4 sets
    Front Cable Raises 3 sets
    Rear DB lateral Raises 4 sets
    Side Lateral BB raises 4 sets
    Upright Rows 3 sets
    Incline Smith Press 4 sets
    Triceps Rope pressdowns 2 sets
    Bench Dips 2 sets
    Unilateral Calf Raise 3 sets
    Standing Calf Raises 1x50
    Cable Crunches 3x20

    Great workout, excellent pump, left shoulder still a bit off but improving each week so that is good. Still no sides and I do notice more of an Alpha feeling with the higher dosing. BF is dropping which is great but strength is increasing.

    I have started to eat a bit heavier on workout days and a little lighter on non workout days. Basically a little heavier on the carbs and fats on workout days. Basically I add some PB and bananas to my shakes. I ordered some powdered PB, PB2, and on off days will substitute that for real PB on non lifting days.
    LG Sciences/Legal Gear Rep
    Nothing I state is medical advice and is for informational purposes only.

  29. 12/3/13

    3x30mins bike


    Having a bit of an issue with my right knee, it's been clicking and popping and a little sore. I went a little lighter on the volume and weight today. I believe the large amount of cardio is aggravating the problem so I will be reducing the amount done on workout days.
    Squats 4x10
    Stiff Deads 4x10
    Standing Calf Raise SS Donkey Calf Raise 4x25
    Decline Situps 4x15

    Good workout overall knee felt so so, no real pain but that general sense of instability. Anyone that has had a joint injury will know what I mean by instability. It feels "ok" but you can tell something is off. I have found the best course of action is to hold back a bit when feeling like this. When I was younger I would "suck it up" and end of making the minor injuries into major injuries.

    The products are still treating me well. The fat is slowly coming off with the calorie cycling and the cardio and the veins are becoming more and more prominent. I am almost half way through the cycle and the gains are slow and steady and side effect free. Libido has not really increased but has remained at pre-cycle levels. I had a touch of acne, like two blemishes the first week or two but nothing since then. Energy levels have been consistent. The pump has been great while training and I am having great workouts. Mood levels have been holding steady no real increase in aggression or temper which is good because I have been going through some stressful times at work and in my personal life so I need to keep my head straight.

    LG Sciences/Legal Gear Rep
    Nothing I state is medical advice and is for informational purposes only.

  30. 12/5/13

    Rotator Cuff warm up
    Decline Smith
    4 sets
    Flat Bench
    5 sets
    Unilateral Cable Cross
    4 sets
    Tricep Rope Pushdown
    7 sets
    Rope High Curls
    3 sets
    Cable Crunch
    3 sets

    Good workout despite me left shoulder still nagging me. It is not so much pain as it is just a "not quite stable enough to push it" feeling. I know I could be using more weight than I am but every time I "go for it" I end up making the injury worse. I just started Formutech Nutritions Flexible and will be dosing it at 8 caps a day to see if it helps. The shoulder is like 80%. Much better than it was about two months ago but it has seemed to stall so to speak. Keeping my fingers crossed and my ego checked and hoping, scratch that expecting the best!

    30 mins cardio

    30 mins cardio


    Rope Pulldowns
    5 sets
    4 sets
    3 sets
    Rope Cable Row
    1 set
    EZ curl
    3 sets
    DB Hammer Curl
    3 sets
    BB Calf Raise
    3 sets
    Wrist BB curl
    2 sets
    Preacher Reverse Wrist Curl
    2 sets
    Decline Sit Ups
    4 sets

    That's 30 sets and I got this done in an hour so my rest periods are short, just long enough to catch my breath. Having to go a little lighter and higher rep due to injuries I find keeping the rest periods shorter is one way to increase the intensity of the session. Strength is definitively increasing, I added 3 extra reps to all my sets of pullups which a weak exercise for me so I am very happy.

    Overall I am feeling well but very tired. I have been getting little sleep and working extra hours as well as getting things in order to go back to school in January. I wake up looking better and better almost every day. Nothing dramatic but progress daily! Mind you I am cycling carbs, fats and calories as well as the cardio work load. The vascularity is really starting to show. I am seeing veins in my forearms I have NEVER seen which is wonderful.

    The only word of caution I will say so far about the ANDRO CUTTING STACK is this: this is not an instant gratification stack. The progress takes a little time to pick up speed but when it kicks in it is smooth side effect free(for me so far) gains. This is not explosive but makes up for it with CONSISTENCY! It is safe to say I will plan on running this again with out a doubt.

    Bodyweight is down about 10lbs since the start of the cycle but bear in mind I did come down with the flu for about 4 days and lost some weight there for sure. That being said my weight is down 10lbs, every pair of pants I have are loose to the point of needing new clothes and I look bigger, leaner and am without a doubt stronger!

    What more can you ask for?

    LG Sciences/Legal Gear Rep
    Nothing I state is medical advice and is for informational purposes only.


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