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  1. Ok back in action I have hit the gym once and got a cardio session in today. I will update tomorrow more thoroughly.
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  2. 11/23/2013

    Did an hour of cardio in the AM and the PM.
    After the PM session I made dinner, brown rice and some Berkshire Organic Pork. My stomach was queasy prior to the meal but got worse after. The rest of the night I was in a great deal of pain and in the restroom often.


    Very ill, water would pass through me in 5-10 minutes I eat nothing.


    Still very ill, no training very little eating a bit of chicken and rice, a banana and some aminos.


    Still ill but am able to finally eat a bit more regularly.


    Feeling a lot better really the only remaining effects are a bit of sour stomach and fatigue. I do hit the weights though.

    Flat Bench Smith
    Incline BB
    Rope Pulldown

    Decent workout but very fatigued. I had to take longer rest between sets and was dragging ass for sure. Felt good the get back into it.


    Ended up sleeping in an extra 6 HOURS! I apparently needed the rest and took it. No training. I received many compliments on how great I looked from friends and family so things are going great!

    Black Friday

    Was traveling and with family the whole day so I did not lift but did get some cardio in at night. I also spent some coin on about 20lbs of protein due to the sales going. Looking forward to trying them all.


    Superset Workout
    Rope Pressdowns
    DB Curls

    Bar Pressdown
    EZ Preacher

    Close Grip
    BB Curl

    Cable Crunch

    Great workout and the pump was awesome. The Andro Cutting Kit is greatly increasing vascularity and other than a touch of very mild acne I have zero side effects. I have upped my dose as being about 220ish I felt the need for a bit more kick. I am dosing the following:
    3ml 3x day

    17-Pro Andro
    3ml 3x day

    3ml 2x day

    So far I like the higher dosing. I have not done the math but it is about a 50% increase in the dosing or there abouts.
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  3. Sunday
    1 hour of cardio in the AM
    30 minutes in the PM

    20 minutes of HIIT AM
    Rotator Exercise 4 sets
    Front Cable Raises 3 sets
    Rear DB lateral Raises 4 sets
    Side Lateral BB raises 4 sets
    Upright Rows 3 sets
    Incline Smith Press 4 sets
    Triceps Rope pressdowns 2 sets
    Bench Dips 2 sets
    Unilateral Calf Raise 3 sets
    Standing Calf Raises 1x50
    Cable Crunches 3x20

    Great workout, excellent pump, left shoulder still a bit off but improving each week so that is good. Still no sides and I do notice more of an Alpha feeling with the higher dosing. BF is dropping which is great but strength is increasing.

    I have started to eat a bit heavier on workout days and a little lighter on non workout days. Basically a little heavier on the carbs and fats on workout days. Basically I add some PB and bananas to my shakes. I ordered some powdered PB, PB2, and on off days will substitute that for real PB on non lifting days.
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  4. 12/3/13

    3x30mins bike


    Having a bit of an issue with my right knee, it's been clicking and popping and a little sore. I went a little lighter on the volume and weight today. I believe the large amount of cardio is aggravating the problem so I will be reducing the amount done on workout days.
    Squats 4x10
    Stiff Deads 4x10
    Standing Calf Raise SS Donkey Calf Raise 4x25
    Decline Situps 4x15

    Good workout overall knee felt so so, no real pain but that general sense of instability. Anyone that has had a joint injury will know what I mean by instability. It feels "ok" but you can tell something is off. I have found the best course of action is to hold back a bit when feeling like this. When I was younger I would "suck it up" and end of making the minor injuries into major injuries.

    The products are still treating me well. The fat is slowly coming off with the calorie cycling and the cardio and the veins are becoming more and more prominent. I am almost half way through the cycle and the gains are slow and steady and side effect free. Libido has not really increased but has remained at pre-cycle levels. I had a touch of acne, like two blemishes the first week or two but nothing since then. Energy levels have been consistent. The pump has been great while training and I am having great workouts. Mood levels have been holding steady no real increase in aggression or temper which is good because I have been going through some stressful times at work and in my personal life so I need to keep my head straight.

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  5. 12/5/13

    Rotator Cuff warm up
    Decline Smith
    4 sets
    Flat Bench
    5 sets
    Unilateral Cable Cross
    4 sets
    Tricep Rope Pushdown
    7 sets
    Rope High Curls
    3 sets
    Cable Crunch
    3 sets

    Good workout despite me left shoulder still nagging me. It is not so much pain as it is just a "not quite stable enough to push it" feeling. I know I could be using more weight than I am but every time I "go for it" I end up making the injury worse. I just started Formutech Nutritions Flexible and will be dosing it at 8 caps a day to see if it helps. The shoulder is like 80%. Much better than it was about two months ago but it has seemed to stall so to speak. Keeping my fingers crossed and my ego checked and hoping, scratch that expecting the best!

    30 mins cardio

    30 mins cardio


    Rope Pulldowns
    5 sets
    4 sets
    3 sets
    Rope Cable Row
    1 set
    EZ curl
    3 sets
    DB Hammer Curl
    3 sets
    BB Calf Raise
    3 sets
    Wrist BB curl
    2 sets
    Preacher Reverse Wrist Curl
    2 sets
    Decline Sit Ups
    4 sets

    That's 30 sets and I got this done in an hour so my rest periods are short, just long enough to catch my breath. Having to go a little lighter and higher rep due to injuries I find keeping the rest periods shorter is one way to increase the intensity of the session. Strength is definitively increasing, I added 3 extra reps to all my sets of pullups which a weak exercise for me so I am very happy.

    Overall I am feeling well but very tired. I have been getting little sleep and working extra hours as well as getting things in order to go back to school in January. I wake up looking better and better almost every day. Nothing dramatic but progress daily! Mind you I am cycling carbs, fats and calories as well as the cardio work load. The vascularity is really starting to show. I am seeing veins in my forearms I have NEVER seen which is wonderful.

    The only word of caution I will say so far about the ANDRO CUTTING STACK is this: this is not an instant gratification stack. The progress takes a little time to pick up speed but when it kicks in it is smooth side effect free(for me so far) gains. This is not explosive but makes up for it with CONSISTENCY! It is safe to say I will plan on running this again with out a doubt.

    Bodyweight is down about 10lbs since the start of the cycle but bear in mind I did come down with the flu for about 4 days and lost some weight there for sure. That being said my weight is down 10lbs, every pair of pants I have are loose to the point of needing new clothes and I look bigger, leaner and am without a doubt stronger!

    What more can you ask for?

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    Nothing I state is medical advice and is for informational purposes only.

  6. Update

    I have had a few bad workouts and have been really busy getting enrolled in a new school and with friends and family. After a couple lackluster workouts I decided to deload for a week. Lower the weights, raise the reps and take some time to recover. The cycle is still going well I simply needed a mini "break". I am still on point with diet and getting in my cardio. I have been pulling extra shifts at work meaning I am at work six days a week and getting everything set up with school simply burnt me out a bit.

    On the plus side I am getting a squat cage for xmas from the Misses and it should be here in a day or two!
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  7. Update
    Rack Floor Presses
    Rack Deads
    Low Cable Rope Row
    DB Pullover
    Calve Raises
    Cable Crunches

    I did one to three sets of each exercise and reps ranged from 8-21. I am going to be doing whole body workouts three times a week. I am banking on the increase in frequency of hitting each muscle group resulting in greater benefits vs once a week each bodypart. Cycle is going great, no sides still. Fatloss has slowed a little bit but still there. Might tweak the diet a bit for the last few weeks but not sure yet. Still down about 10-11 lbs and a few inches on my waist.
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  8. Update
    I have trained twice since the last update and things are really clicking. Injuries are seemingly getting better and I feel really good. Results in the mirror are apparent every day. I am starting to see in the mirror what I have had envisioned in my mind for a long time. FINALLY!

    I have been doing a lot of work in the new power cage I got for Christmas and am loving it.
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  9. Update
    Ate my face off but still managed to get a mini lifting session in on Christmas Eve and an hour of cardio in yesterday night. Was this enough to counter the following:
    2 GF Brownies
    Egg Rolls (homemade)
    Teriyaki Chicken
    Beef Tenderloin with a butter blue cheese dressing homemade ie butter with blue cheese as the only ingredient
    1 PB chochip cookie
    oh and I am missing something...............


    So ya about an hour of cardio should do the trick lol.

    Back into the weights today as well as some cardio. Overall this is such a smooth cycle I could not be happier. No sides to speak of and the gains are clean and steady. I am not ballooning up but will not have 10lbs of water coming off post cycle either. This is a great cutting stack/recomping stack.

    If there is anything I have not been covering that you would like to know please post up your questions!!!!

    Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate and Happy Holidays to those who celebrate other holidays!!!!

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  10. Sorry for the lack of updates the holidays have me all over the place. Still been hitting it in the gym three times a week or more and cardio about 6 days a week. Weight loss is still about 10-11 lbs and I continue to get leaner but it has certainly slowed down. I will be starting PCT end of this week.
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  11. Bad news folks. Spent 8:15PM to 1:30AM in the ER. Was pushing a car out of the snow when something in my mid thoracic region went pop and dropped me like a sac of potatoes. Pain was like nothing I have ever felt before. I managed to get back inside the house and collapsed. From that point forward I had to crawl around on the floor till the Mrs. got home. When she examined me we were shocked to see my upper torso was not noticeably curved off to one side. Think instant scoliosis. It was SCARY. The pain was a ten and the worst I have ever felt. Went to the ER, sat for hours waiting to get it, a really frustrating situation when you see people taking there kids in with a cold or a headache and you can't stand due to the pain. Oh well what are you going to do. Finally got taken in and after an exam was given a heavy round of anti-inflammatory, benzo, and opiate cocktail. Finally some relief. All hail dilaudid and valium FTW! Felling better today but going to not train for a few days for sure. Terrible timing as the start of PCT is the last time you want to not train but I do not want to risk surgery if it is not needed. My back was so inflamed and spasming that they were unable to do diagnostic testing so I will have to wait a few weeks to get xrays and perhaps an MRI.

    This whole thing is frustrating to say the least. This always seems to happen when I really start to get in some good shape. I am not sure if it is the dieting, the drying out hormones, the lower bodyweight, the fatigue or a combo of all of the above. Part of me thinks my body just likes to carry a some fat and just be big but as I get older the bulked up look becomes less healthy and appealing. The idea that my best days may perhaps be behind me is a tough one to wrap my psychy around. Hoping for a speedy recovery.
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