Joining the LG Team

  1. Joining the LG Team

    LG Sciences
    LG Sciences -Testosterone Boosters and Sports Supplements Backed By Nutrition Sciences

    Special thanks to LG Sciences for bringing me on board.

    Now I know many of my readers may immediately think... "great another guy pumping xyz products" or "Yeah advertising products he doesn't even use"... Let me take a moment to assure you I do utilize LG products, and I will NEVER recommend a product that I am not confident in. That being said if you ever have any questions, concerns, or just want to argue with me lets have it

    Currently I am running:
    Form-XT -- Form-XT Caps

    C2K --- Weight Control Products by LG Sciences

    EpiAndro --- EpiAndro

    Keep in mind my workouts are going to be increasing a lot in intensity, duration, and we all hope for more strength gains in the coming weeks. Currently it is 10/2/ and my competition is in December... Wow... let the count down begin

    NOTE: I do not recommend people blindly take what I take. What I take may not work for you, or may cause adverse side effects. First identify your goals, your supplement history, tolerance, and go from there.
    Feel free to follow my LOG, the link is in my Signature
    MRSupps Muscle Research Athlete

  2. Those should be a nice addition to your training. Looking forward to your comp!
    LG Sciences/Legal Gear Rep
    Nothing I state is medical advice and is for informational purposes only.

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