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  1. LG Trifecta

    Hey guys bout to run LG trifecta M1d MMV3, 135 of each so i was figuring 4/5/5/5 with both, please let me know if there is a better way to run this. Also i was reading people were taking a double dose for preworkout i liked the idea but i also like consistancy, will it affect me poorly if i double does sometimes in the morning and sometimes at night? With my work scedual about half of my workouts are done at 5AM and the other half at 8-9 PM. So should i double does for the pre or just stay consistant? thanks

  2. LG REPS?

  3. anything? no reps?

  4. I wouldnt double dose the M1D, keep that consistent. On workout days you can take a double dose of the MMV3 Pre workout if its beneficial, i.e. some people feel it while others dont get the drive and aggression from it. If you dont get the drive and aggression keep it consistent like the M1D.
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  5. I conclude with 3clipseGT. Keep the dosing consistent. I could see playing around with the total amount of M1D you take as some find they respond well to higher doses.

  6. Is this the liquid or the caps?
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