Epiandro/Ph-17 Log

  1. Epiandro/Ph-17 Log

    I've decided to run a log on Epiandro and PH-17 to see what kind of results i can achieve on a cut from these 2 products.
    I have been training for 20 years on and off but steady for the last 3 years. I have recently lost 10kgs from cardio and bringing my diet into line and my bodyfat is now around 20%. I plan to try and get to 12-14% body fat in the next 10 weeks so I thought I would take the oppurtunity to try the LG products.

    Other supplments will be 3 x 1000mg fish oil twice per day and 3 x orange triad twice per day.

    Diet is low carb high protein (200g per day) and plenty of good fats.

    Training will be a 3 on 1 off split up into legs,chest and triceps, shoulders and calfs, back and biceps. On the off days I will be doing cardio 30-40 mins Low intensity, and as I train first thing in the morning I will be doing cardio 2-3 evenings per week also.

    I also warm up before a weights session with 15mins High Intensity cardio, this is so my body ir aleardy in fat burning mode ready for the weights session.

    Dosages for the above products will be as follows.

    Epiandro will start at 1.5ml 3 times per day for the first week and then up to 2ml.

    PH-17 1.5ml 3 times per day for the fisrt week and then 2ml 3 times per day. Then maybe on the second week I will increase the dosage to 4 times per day.

    I wll have Super Cissus on hand just incase I start to get achey joints, and hawthorn berry just in case of blood pressure but that should not be a problem on this particular cycle.

    And finally PCT will be Form XT which I will run for at least 4 weeks.

    I will post more info on training and diet as I progress and will try and update 2-3 times per week.

    Hopefully this cycle will be as good as I think It will be and look forward to achieving good results.

  2. End of week 1

    I have decided to start with just the PH-17 for 2 weeks and then add in the epiandro some time after that.

    Doses of the PH-17 started of at 1ml 3 times a day to gauge my tolerance, then after 3 days I increased the dosage to 1.5ml 3 times a day.

    So far I have felt stronger in the gym and there is an increase in energy, seem to have some bodyfat loss around the waist amd muscles are fuller when training.
    I will update on progress every few days but I expect the PH-17 to properly kick-in over the next 2 weeks.

  3. Keep us updated!

  4. Any new developments on your stack? A simple summary would be great!
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