Sonic's runnin' LG Cutting Kit!

  1. Sonic's runnin' LG Cutting Kit!

    Hey Guys, some of you know me as a former LG rep from back in the day. Well, I'm back from the Darkside, brothers. I've picked up 2 of LG Science's Cutting Andro Kits and 2 add'l 17-Pro and 2 add'l 1-Andro. I've been running a non-hormonal cut for a while now and have had great results. Down to 170 and 12% BF from 201 and 30% BF at the start of February (yeah, I was baaaaad for a bit). Anyway, I've started this Kit to provide my brothers here at AM some honest and true feedback on these here LG supps. I currently just finished week 1, 3 days ago. A couple caveats are that I am on a CKD, and also I am dosing higher than the recommended dosing. If you guys would like more information at anytime just ask, I can provide kcals intake, expended, sleep hours any of that as I track everything with a food log and an Exerspy. Here is the dosing I am using (daily): EpiA=1.5mlx6, 17pro=3mlx6, 1Andro=2.5mlx6. I've also recently added some topical formestane as I've gotten a little sensitive under one of my pecs where I've experienced some previous issues. Just over a week in and my strength has already gone up on everything. Feel good and up about 4 or 5 lbs on my keto day before carb up. That is crazy. Dosing is kind of a PITA though, but not too bad.

  2. This is awesome!

    LG Sciences

  3. Quote Originally Posted by biggkarim View Post
    This is awesome!
    So far! Thanks. Man, I really didn't expect a whole lot here, but I've been getting some things goin' on. First off....sides. Namely minor acne. Did I mention I am 40 years old, lol? Yeah, so I usually don't get it. My skin has become rather oily (just make sure to wipe & clean it more frequently), so I know there must be some androgenic activity for sure. About a few days in, I had tightness in my testicles. For me that is usually a sign that a hormone is kicking in, as I have this only when I am on a PH/DS or AAS cycle. Good news, right?

    Today was Leg/Back/Bi's.......not going to report numbers, but everything went waaaay above where I was last week and pretty much had been for a few months. I mean by like double digits. Holy cow, it will barely be 2 weeks on Thurs. BTW, I have added UR Spray and Ursabolic and TAA caps as well. I'm pretty experienced in the game, so I'll reassure you that there's no placebo effect here.....I can't wait to see next week or the week after. I've been experimenting with different dosing, such as all three at once, or spacing out dosing each ph individually. Not sure yet, I'll have to report in later as I play with this...TTY soon.

  4. Whats going on? Updates?

  5. Yes interested in an update.



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