Just ordered M1D + 1- Andro + Form-x!

  1. Just ordered M1D + 1- Andro + Form-x!

    I just ordered these items after reading the awesome reviews. From what I have read the chance of side effects is very little. I love that they are not methylated and I am not prone to hair loss. Gyno is a little of a worry but I have not read any reviews of such a thing happening on these so I figured it was safe to give this stack a shot as my first ever PH. I decided to go with the liquid. I am planning on a 4 week cycle. The M1D for the first week and then the M1D and the 1-Andro together for the next three and then the Form-x until its gone. Any input about this stuff would be great. Can not wait to start. Hopefully it gets here soon! I will also keep this as a weekly/day-to-day log(depending how much time I have) to keep everyone updated. I will include measurements and give some honest feedback. Just hoping for a couple of lbs and some hardening to muscles and maybe a 1/4" or more on some muscle groups and hopefully a drop in body fat or some gain in size to give the appearance of a drop in body fat.

  2. LIFTS

    Bench: 1RM ≈ 260lbs
    DB bench: Working sets @ 105
    Decline Bench: 300 for 2 reps
    DB Shoulder Press: Working sets @ 65lbs
    Pull Downs: Working sets @ 160lbs
    Seated Row: Working sets @ 160lbs
    Stiff Leg Deads: Working sets @ 205lbs
    BB Shrugs: Working sets @ 315lbs
    Squats: 1RM ≈325lbs
    EZ Bar Curl: Working set @ 90lbs
    EZ Bar Skull Crushers: Working sets @ 90lbs

  3. As far as my workouts go...

    S,M,T are power days...I give myself 5 sets to complete 25 reps on whatever exercise I am doing. I am lifting as heavy as possible on each set. If I achieve the 25 reps in 5 sets or less, I up the weight the next week. If not we stay the same until I do.

    Sunday&Wed: Chest/Tri/Abs
    Mon&Thurs: Back/Bi/Calves

    Wed,Thurs,Fri are hypertrophy days...most exercises are 2 sets of 12 reps depending on the exercise. I focus on reasonable weight and focus on good contraction of the muscle and explosiveness and speed.I may be adding cardio to some days at night. Haven't decided yet.

    Hopefully next week I will have these and we will see how much more weight I can move, how much more vascular I can get, how much more size I can put on and how much I can change my body in 4 weeks before my final semester of college begins.

    Please any questions or comments about ANYTHING please ask! Always willing to chat and possibly learn something new and I will always take other input into thought.

  4. This is awesome!!! Looking forward to following!

    LG Sciences

  5. Yea I'm looking forward to it too. I feel confident about good safe results.

    Update: I received my order tonight...

    How does this dosing look...

    7am: M1D (2ml)
    12pm: 1-Andro (3ml)
    4pm: M1D (2ml)
    5pm: 1-Andro (3ml)
    9pm: M1D (2ml)

    This will go on for 30 servings/4 weeks and then the 2ml of Form-X 3 times a day for 30 days.

    Let me know suggestions. I will be starting in the am!

  6. Decided to change up my workouts and go back to including fst-7. But its been one week and so far no noticeable strength gain...that's expected though I know it takes more than a week to really feel effects. I have noticed maybe a leaning effect. I look leaner. Also this stuff makes me lethargic but once I'm in the gym and going I'm going. I have noticed more vascularity. My shoulder veins never showed and now they do during workouts sometimes which is nice. Love the veins. But all and all one week in and nothing bad to report just kind neutral. Weight is the same but I'm also at a caloric deficit so the fact I'm still up over 180 is pretty great I don't want to drop below that. I will keep everyone posted though. Once my muscle settle down from my session at the gym I'll post measurements for after one week. Likely no change but I'll still post.


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