1 andro and epiandro real dosage

  1. 1 andro and epiandro real dosage

    What should the doses for these products be (realistically)? I'm confused because of all this talk with better absorption from the liquid etc. I already need 4 bottles of 1 andro just to run the recommended 4 doses for 8 weeks. So far I have two bottles of epi andro. So how much epi andro and 1 andro am I REALLY going to need for an 8 week cycle? Any help would be appreciated I don't want to waste a cycle. On a sidenote I'm stacking these with 11 ketotestosterone, RS transaderm and formeron at 4 pumps a day. Thank you in advance to anyone who helps out

  2. I guess the first time I replied to this, it didn't post. ???

    Anyways, 4/day is the high end of the dosage of 1-Andro. Is this your first cycle or have you run PHs before? If it is your first, I would recommend starting at the starting dose of 2/day and working up from there after the first week or so. If you have run PHs before and know what to expect, I would still say to start at maybe 2 1/2-3/day and work up from there as you see fit. I like to recommend starting with a lower dose if it's a product you have never tried before because you don't know how your body will react to it. You may find that your sweet spot is right at 3 and if you run at 4, you would just be wasting product and shortening your run. With the Epi-Andro, I think that the 2 bottles that you already have should suffice with what other products you are planning on running.
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  3. yeah really i only recomend the high doses of 1 andro because it litterally gets better with higher doses.. im not sure the epi is gonna give a much more pronounced out come at higher doses. 1 andro deffinately definately behaves bttr at high doses. so take it for what it is.. ... i think luke has said it quite well. if your new to the game, take as little as possible to illicit an effect.
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    you wusses...

    slam that 1andro hard bro...double dose at least lol

    (yah serious)

  5. Ok thanks for the responses. I definitely plan on running the high end of the dosage for 1 andro which is 4 doses. If I'm feeling really well maybe ill increase it even more however this is my first run with ANY 1 andro product or epiandrosterone product. I seem to respond really well to hormones and supplements in general. Knowing this I might not have to go past the 4 dose mark. Ill just see how I feel. The prohormones that I have used are dermacrine, ph 17, m1d black, formeron, 11 ketotestosterone. I've also used SARMS S4, GW and Ostarine. So nothing crazy as of yet

  6. Quote Originally Posted by steam View Post
    you wusses...

    slam that 1andro hard bro...double dose at least lol

    (yah serious)
    you...............well, I won't say what you are! LOL! JK JK!
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  7. K well just to update I have 3 bottles of epiandro and 5 bottles of 1 androstenelone on the way


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