Starting Trifecta Stack! Any advice welcome!

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  1. I shoulda updated by now, my bad, been busy.

    Due to some chaos going on around me right now, I had to go ahead and stop after week 4. Not really complaining though, every week since I started I've been bustin pr's! Also, im lookin leaner, a bit more cut, ect. I started formadrol on Tuesday. I'm using the pills for the sake of ease, dosing at 6/day (is that too much?) and I gave a btl of the liquid version too. Over all I went from 218-220lbs to 212-214 as of today. I need to get a body comp test done to see if I reached my goal of gaining 1-2 lbs of lean mass, which would've brought my bfi down at least 1%. The size and strength are there though....

  2. sorry you had to quit your stack but sounds like you are happy with some of the results.
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  3. Yea, lol, I really wanted to run it 6 weeks, that'da been awesome, but four worked just fine. I still have a good amount left from the second stack i ordered, how long will it keep? I'm planning in finishing that off in another run, but I'll prolly add something like ph-17 or something. I needa plan a cutting cycle to be done by spring break! But it was definitely worth it!

  4. itll keep for a while, since its opened i would store in the fridge, if its liquid and some were cool and dry if its pills... just place the lids tightly and enjoy at a later time.
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  5. Re: Starting Trifecta Stack! Any advice welcome!

    Glad your results were good.. let us know when your gonna plan your next cycle and we'll help you put it together with what you have left from your second trifecta.. maybe try the new 17proAndro with it??
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  6. Man, I been out for a good while, huh? Here's an update

    I had a retinal detachment in my right eye !! Had surgery last Monday, but haven't hit the gym since the prior Thursday! Sad story. I'm a lil depressed, I wanna pump iron, especially right after that trifecta stack, geeze, I'm like "really? Just my luck! >:O" I still look pretty good though. I feel like my muscles aren't as hard though. Pct has been awesome!!! I love formadrol! I'm using the pills, and it's freakin crazy how rowdy I wanna get! Good thing I just recently found a nice lil mamasota to chill with!

    Anyway, I prolly can't lift for like a month and a half is what they're saying, but it could be sooner cuz my eye has been healing pretty good since the day after surgery. I figure use the down time to plan a cut for when I get back. Can someone tell me bout ph 17, and that new cut andro stack that came out. What are the differences?


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